Elsa Tails {9 Months}

It’s been far too long since little Elsa made an appearance on the blog!  She’s nine months old and we’ve now had her home for seven.  I won’t say that I can’t remember life before her :-) but I will say I can’t imagine life without her (most days).  She is literally the sweetest, kindest most loving animal I’ve ever known.  And she’s pretty darn cute to boot.

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She is fully potty trained and hasn’t had an accident in the house in ages.  That being said, she doesn’t ever tell us she needs to go out, we just have to stay on top of it.   She sleeps through the night… in our bed of all places.  Did I tell y’all how I woke up one night after my appendix and discovered her there?  Apparently she had been barking all night in her crate so Honey popped her in the bed and that was all she wrote.  I was too drugged to protest and what was done was done.  :-)

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My girl loves her walks and is up to about 2.5 miles.  She pretty much pulls me behind her the entire way.  She also loves to ride along with me on errands.  Of course, the littles beg to bring her everywhere we go.


The baby has not destroyed much, but she has impeccable taste.  Her first item just so happened to be my favorite gold Tory Burch shoe.  The one that I tell everyone is like slipping my feet into pats of butter.   She bypassed the pile of shoes by the door in the garage to take mine off the counter in the mudroom.  The only other thing she has chewed up was Daddy-O’s wallet.  Not just the wallet though, she extracted and decimated hundred dollar bills, twenties, his amex and his prized gold Starbucks card.  Yep.  I carried the cash off to the bank and nearly hugged the mans neck when he replaced it no-problemo.  Apparently it happens “all the time”.  Who knew?!  And, as far as the Tory Burch shoes, well… those were replaced as well.


Elsa has had a handful of mini-grooms at the vet.  I brush her pretty much every night because she loves it.  This is the TOTAL amount of hair that has come off her.  Ever.  I was skeptical, but this goldendoodle DOESN’T shed!  It’s amazing!!!!


Mother made her grand-dog the cutest little cape when she was here over Thanksgiving.  Elsa doesn’t seem to mind it at all.

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Speaking of Mother, she’s an animal lover for sure.  She has all sorts of stray cats that she feeds and took to Elsa straight away.  Daddy-O is much harder nut to crack, but they are going to watch her when we go away in the Spring!

IMG_57202 copy

The littles are still crazy about her.  John continues to be mindful of feeding, walking, playing, etc., while Whit is just the lover.  (These personalities carry over to all other parts of life as well.)


Oh, and on my work days she can now make it in her crate the WHOLE day!!!  This is huge because Honey was having to drive home in the middle of the day to let her out.  I still need to update y’all on the fence situation.  But that’s another story for another day!


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6 thoughts on “Elsa Tails {9 Months}

  1. I just KNEW you’d be a “changed” person once you got her home! I would never consider myself an animal person… but my sweet Cate is definitely part of the family & holds a permanent spot in my heart.

    I’m so glad Elsa is the perfect fit for your family! xo

  2. She really is a beautiful little girl! I am so happy that you took a chance and got a dog when you were skeptical in the past. Dogs bring so much joy to our lives and I knew with your kind heart, you would end up loving her. I am jealous of the no shedding though! She obviously didn’t inherit that trait from her golden relatives!! My Rosie is a shedding machine. Sometimes she will run by me and the fur will just fly off of her – like ‘Pigpen’ from Charlie Brown!

  3. Amanda,Elsa is just so precious! I,too,cannot imagine my life without my ” Maybelline”.She sleeps in the bed with us,too,and is the heart of our family.My oldest son,who lives in Florida,calls home regularly to face time with her,just so he can see her sweet face! Hope you have a lovely week..We are anxiously awaiting the BIG game tomorrow night!!! ROLL TIDE!!!

  4. She is precious! My 2 shih tzu’swho are 2 years old sleep with us too. I love it but I just have to bathe them and try to keep them clean. Your Elsa has the most precious face. Getting through the puppy phase is difficult sometimes but well worth the effort. At least she didn’t chew up expensive table legs like mine did.

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