Southern Snow Day

Well y’all, it seems the blizzard of 2016 has come and gone in Georgia.  Here’s how Atlantans prepare for and survive a whole half an inch of snow.

DSC_0190 copy


You brave the treacherous roads (lol) for takeout because you don’t know when you’ll find your next meal.  Chinese and Taco Bell for this group.  Meanwhile you don’t hit the grocery store even when you really don’t have milk because you know the shelves are empty.


You literally start climbing the walls when you’ve been home early from school for a couple of hours and there are only three snowflakes on the ground.


You woefully stand at the window when your Mommy braves the cold to pop next door to flip through a wallpaper book.


You dress appropriately for the weather.  Which, for my boys, includes an extra pair of undies outside of your pants.  You also learn quickly to look out for ice patches on the driveway.  Those actually ARE real.


You can’t play basketball because the net is frozen and all the balls get stuck in it.



So you opt for a friendly game of chase with the puppy.  Do you spot her?!


As for Elsa, well, you know how the story goes.  The cold never bothered her anyway.

DSC_0193 copy

DSC_0199 copy

I mean, there are pinecones to be chewed for crying out loud.  I really wish I had caught on camera her eating snowflakes right out of the air.  So funny!


You feel so sorry for your little daffodils that are already peeking up.


And, by 7:30AM you are so over the snow and cold that you retire to the sofa for a long morning of cartoons and minecraft while Mommy tries out yet another go at pancakes.  I substituted club soda for water (per your suggestion) in my bisquick and they were REALLY good.  BUT, I somehow smoked up the ENTIRE main level of the house while cooking them.  I think this might be THE recipe, but I would call this far from mastered.  Obviously.


But then by the time mid-morning rolls around, you are ready to go back out.   This is my favorite picture of the day.  Pure childhood bliss, joy and wonder.

DSC_0198 copy

This time you try your dance moves on patches of ice.  No coat, but doubled up on the undies still.  (Approx two minutes after this pic I slipped and fell in an ice patch and was done… hence the end of the diary of our snow day.)


The whole half an inch of snow on the ground might not be much to most, but to one of my littles and Elsa, it’s pretty fantastic.  You might have noticed that the baby doesn’t appear in a single picture.  He’s no fool, that one.  He stayed snugged up inside

Stay warm, and for my friends that are truly in the midst of a blizzard, stay safe!


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14 thoughts on “Southern Snow Day

  1. I know you are trying to master homemade pancakes, but if you ever need a quick mix, Aretha Frankensteins Insanley Great Pancake Mix is the best I’ve ever had. It’s a restaurant in Chattanooga that started selling their mix. They carry it at Publix and Whole Foods, though I’m not sure if they do in ATL. You can also order on Amazon. My family devours them.

  2. I think y’all got a *few* more flakes than we did! I had one that was disappointed with the lack, and one that was happy (like Mama) but everyone was appeased when we were still able to go out for a birthday lunch! ?

  3. So as a fellow striver for “the perfect pancake”, let me first say I’m still on my journey. However, 1 thing I’ve learned that makes them look a little prettier is to refrigerate the batter for about 5 minutes before putting it on the griddle. Hope it helps!

  4. Love the pics. Don’t you love watching ELSA pounce through the snow? My granddog loves it! We are having a very calm winter here in Minnesota and I’ll take it for a change. If you haven’t already, you should go out to You Tube and look for the bear rolling in the snow at one of the east coast zoos. They showed it on national tv the other night – the boys would love it:)

    Sorry I missed you are looking for a pancake recipe. We make them from scratch – my fav add in chocolate chips. I will pull the recipe and send it to you.

  5. I remember Atlanta “snowstorms” very well, and loved how much we appreciated every. single. snowflake. My kids would use our whole yard of snow to make one little snowman. It was precious. Changing subjects…I recently mastered the art of pancakes and this is what works for me…I start with Fresh Market’s Buttermilk Pancake mix, add a dash of vanilla and cinnamon, heat a griddle to 375 and then use a 1/4 measuring cup to pour the batter. I’ve found the measuring cup makes perfect, uniformed sized pancakes. If you like larger pancakes just use a larger size cup. Then I flip them right when bubbles form on top. Hope that helps and good luck shoveling ALL that snow!

  6. Your boys crack me up, but that Elsa is something else. Adorable!! Here in Texas it was pretty chilly but that’s about it. Sunny and almost 70 today. A tip for your pancake perfection is to add a few dashes of cinnamon. Makes it even yummier. My littles eat pancakes several days a week, so I’ve switched to organic, whole grain mix and I add cinnamon and honey. Otherwise they’re not so great. They request them so often I just started pureeing steamed broccoli and adding it in the batter. They don’t even notice and it makes me feel better that they’re getting something green.

  7. Still love snow up here north of the Mason Dixon line. I grew up in Nashville and Chattanooga. Ice got us more than snow. Great photos! School is already cancelled for tomorrow.

  8. Try adding a container of vanilla Greek yogurt to your buisquick mix next time! It sweetens them the tiniest bit and also gives them a little boost of protein ;)

  9. As promised – here is my favorite go to recipe for pancakes.


    1 ½ cups flour ( can mix half and half with white and whole wheat flour)
    3 ½ tsp baking powder
    ½ tsp salt
    3 tbsp white sugar

    Mix dry ingredients.

    Fold in:

    1 egg
    1 cup milk
    3 tbsp vegetable oil

    Makes l0 pancakes.

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