Elsa Tails {First Hair Cut}

At ten months old, Elsa had her first puppy hair cut this week.  Her adult coat is coming in and was causing so many mats.  We brushed her every night and just couldn’t keep up.  It seems this is inevitable with goldendoodles.  Her groomer took a look at her and confirmed that it was time for a hair cut.

DSC_0219 copy

I’ll admit that I was SO sad when I picked her up.  She just looked so different.  I still miss her long silky hair, but it is nice to have a totally mat free dot!

She is weighing in at 23 lbs.  We expected her to be about 35 so I guess time will tell.  Her dad was 15 and her mom was 45.  She’s really tall and skinny, and we are having a time with her getting all sorts of things off the counters.  Other than that, she’s really still the sweetest thing.

Now, the one final thing I must convey is that her adult hair is… wait for it… growing in BROWN.  Oh.My.Goodness.  I seriously have no words for this.  I can’t even.

I was playing around with the boys and told them that we can’t hardly have a brown Elsa so we would have to change her name to Anna.  And that brought them full circle back to begging to change her name to Awesome Sauce.  :-)  Some things never die.  HA!


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