Magical Monday {Miss Piggy}

In less than two weeks I’ll be back down at my happy place with some of my oldest friends in the world for our annual RunDisney Princess Race Weekend!!!  Aside from the fabulous company and magical destination, one of the things that makes our trip so much fun year after year is the planning, plotting and crafting of our race day costumes.  I am not exaggerating when I say that hundreds of texts are exchanged between the time when we register in July and land in Orlando in February.

Now, this year is particularly important because not only is it our annual girls trip and MOEs annual birthday trip, but MOE and I are BOTH celebrating the big 4-0!!!!!!!  She will turn 40 while we are there and I will reach the top of the hill just days later.  eeeeekkkkkk

We took this information especially seriously in our costume planning.  As it just so happens, The Muppet Show is also celebrating FORTY this year!!!!!!!!!!!!  The bicentennial must have been epic, y’all.  It only made sense for our little group to race in honor of our fave Muppet characters.  I’ll give y’all one second to guess mine…



Okay, ready?


I already own all sorts of pinkalicious attire (running capris, top, pullover, tennies, arm band, etc.) so all I had to do was pick up a few accessories and make my tutu and pig ears.


I cut my ears out of foam (Michael’s) and attached them to alligator clips as headbands give me a headache.  I also found the pink glitter tulle for my tutu and pink tiara (in a set of 6 so we can ALL have one) at Michael’s.  The satin gloves were super cheap (and come in all sorts of colors) for how nice they actually are.  The feather boa was also found on Amazon. I feel like I used to see them in all sorts of stores but no such luck when I actually needed one.  :-)


I really cannot even begin to convey my level of excitement for this trip, y’all!!!

And, if any of you are attending and have questions for me, feel free to post them in the comments and I’ll try to answer.


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14 thoughts on “Magical Monday {Miss Piggy}

  1. This will be SO much fun! Can’t wait to see your costume (and everyone else’s) in it’s entirety! xo

    1. Definitely!! I’ve always wanted to wear a birthday button in the park. Perhaps this year I’m close enough :-)

  2. How fun will this be?! You might be able to get another use out of that Miss Piggy costume come Halloween. I can totally see your boys as Statler and Waldorf :)

    I know that after “Anklegate” your running had to be scaled back to walking. Have you returned to running? My family has been considering doing one of the Disney races, but not all of us are runners. Do you think it’s still worth it even if someone’s not a die-hard racer?

    1. Hi – I will never return to running. HAHA. Walking is my jam. I love it! So I will walk the 10k just like last year. I would actually say that Disney races are NOT for die-hard racers. There are tons of walkers and run/walkers (galloway program) and there are a lot of people on the course. Not to mention, there are characters to stop and meet on the way. This would not the the kind of race to go for a personal record. It’s perfect to set a personal goal (ie. I’d love to finish a 5k) and to do it while having fun.

  3. We have a group of 6 running the half marathon. By far, the costumes have been the most fun! We are all going as villains. ?

  4. Are y’all headed to the expo again to snag another pair of the gorgeous runDisney New Balance shoes??? I swoon and wish I was able to go this year! If you are eyeing any, which one are you dreaming of? Please be sure to post all your finds please! Good luck and have fun!

    1. I must confess… one of my crew nearly lives ON property and she went over and got me the Little Mermaid shoes during Marathon weekend in January!!!!! I’m SOOOO excited!!

  5. I didn’t know you can walk the 5K and 10K’s. You are always a wealth of “All Things Disney” info. I have a not so great knee which excludes much running but walking is my favorite. Now I have an addition to my bucket list. Can’t wait to see your costume. They’re always so fun.

    1. Oh yes!!!! It’s the perfect race to walk!!! In fact, I am going to *try* to walk a Disney half marathon one of these days :-)

    2. Also, I should add that you do have to have a 16 min pace or better. So, it’s a brisk walk, but walking is totally acceptable. Next time you do it, see what your pace is!

  6. It’s going to be the most Princessational, most inspirational, celebrational, muppetational…this is why we call it the MOE-put SHHOOOOWWWW! The 70s were birth to so many legends, so thankful I get to celebrate with several of them :)

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