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For the third year in a row, we will use our “Today for Lent” cards to mark each of the forty days of Lent with prayer, kindness and sacrifice.  This is a wonderful, tangible way to bring Lent and Easter into our home every day.

The cards are back in the mudroom this year.  We are in and out so much, that I love having that gentle reminder to “live Lent” every time we come and go.

Each morning at breakfast we pick a card for the day.  While most don’t require any sort of preparation, there are few that we save for the weekend.  For today, Ash Wednesday, we chose a simple “be joyful; not complain”.  The card of the day goes up on the board in the mudroom.

A tacked a few others up here so you can see how we keep them through the Lenten season.  On Easter we have a wonderful visual reminder.

DSC_0138 copy

If you’re curious, we gave up “giving up” back when we started this.  After thirty some odd years of giving up french fries or candy or Coke, it just seemed silly when I started explaining it to the littles.  I think that the sacrifice can be so much more personal and intentional, and maybe just maybe have effects that last much longer than forty days.

I will leave y’all with a quick shot of Elsa.  She never leaves my side… except when digging holes in the yard.  :-)

DSC_0136 copy
You can find the free printable file HERE >>> Today for Lent.  The first pages include our cards, and the last page is blank should you like to make your own.


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11 thoughts on “Today for Lent

  1. I love this idea, and we’ve switched to this method since you introduced it a few years ago. We’re Protestant and are some of a very few among our friends to recognize Lent. Think you for sharing!

  2. I so love this! I’m going to share the cards with a friend that has 2 littles that are wonderful! They have such a giving nature and the cards are something easy for them to understand. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Thanks so much for this Amanda! My church gave us a schedule of things to do each day on a sheet but I think I’ll transfer them to your cards. If I have time, maybe I can even bring some copies to church tonight for Ash Wednesday. It’s so inspiring to see you bring it to the forefront in your family. By the way, Elsa…too cute. She reminds me of my Dixie.

  4. I love this, Amanda; those cards are a great daily reminder of Lent! In celebration of Lent, we like to add something that we wouldn’t normally due . My 12 yr. old daughter and 8 yr. old son have decided they want to learn more about the rosary and knowing all the mysteries, and we’re also reading a book about saints. We’re planning a meal for a family who gets bogged down this time of year with work, and we’ll be going to the Stations of the Cross at our church. Wishing you a wonderful week and Lenten season!

  5. Right on and so true. We’ve given up giving up, too and instead add or subtract things that end up making us better people – and closer to Jesus. I remember the giving up coke/fries days too and all I could think about was how much I wanted them, not how much I love Jesus!

  6. What a great idea! Thank you for sharing! This year we are trying to focus on something more impactful after so many years of giving up chocolate and soda.

  7. I love this idea! I am long past the days of giving up chocolate/Coke/TV. I think this is perfect and much easier to explain to my little guys. Thank you!

  8. Love this idea! Definitely more interactive for young children rather than giving up something.
    I love your home!! Did you make that beautiful tassel for your china cabinet, or were you lucky enough to find it somewhere?

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