Dinner at Cohen’s Retreat

I’ve shared my affinity for Cohen’s Retreat here on the blog a handful of times and it’s been a destination on my Delightful Savannah guide since it opened.  So, imagine my delight when they invited us to dinner during my little birthday jaunt to Savannah last weekend!!

To refresh your memory, the stately 1930’s Skidaway Road manse was originally Cohen’s Old Men’s Retreat – a home for elderly men.   The man for who the building was named bequeathed the money to build a home in Savannah “where men would not die old and lonely”.  For over 50 years, the building served as a facility for aging men, before closing its doors in 1996 and falling into disrepair.

Today Colleen Smith and Karen Langston of Savannah Plush have masterfully returned Cohen’s to its original splendor and have established the space as a celebration of art, food and community. Cohen’s Retreat is now home to some of the most creative retails spaces I’ve ever had the pleasure of shopping, a fine eatery and cafe, commercial tenants, residential cottages, event venue and an “Art Tank” for classes, workshops and lectures.  The atmosphere at Cohen’s is literally electric.  The energy and creativity is palpable as you enter through the gracious double doors that have seen decades of history and transition.


One thing I love about Cohen’s is that it is never the same.  Every time I’ve had the pleasure of shopping or dining here there is new decor, new merchandise and a new seasonal menu to boot!


We started our evening over cocktails in the lounge.  The menu was fresh with a Southern twist.  In other words, perfection.






While the boys were bellied up to the bar as happy as clams, Sister and I took our chance to pop into Brown Dog Market.  I’ve found some unique pieces here and could spent quite a bit of time soaking it all in.





Even the potties are fabulous!!  I loved both of them so much that I had to snap pics.



There are a a handful of gorgeous and inviting dining spaces, and I found myself wishing the walls could talk of all that has certainly unfolded at Cohen’s over the years.  The main dining room seemed to be at capacity when we arrived, but we literally closed the place down so I took the opportunity to take a quick picture.  I love that a portrait of Mr. Cohen has hung over this very mantle for over eighty years.



Now, the dinner was absolutely sensational and a perfect place to celebrate the big 4-0 with Honey, Sister and her Mister.  And every single person working at Cohen’s that night went out of their way to ensure every single person in their establishment was happy and having a great evening.  We started with the Maryland Crab Cake for a shared appy…. it was ah-mazing and I’m not sure there was much of anything to it other than crab.


We shared the Caesar and Catalina salads between us and didn’t leave a scrap on our plates.  We each chose a different entree so we got to try lots of things.  I had the Butternut Squash Apple and Goat Cheese Ravioli with Shrimp and wanted to lick my plate.  Another favorite at the table was the Shrimp and (boursin!) Grits.  Honey and Sister both got fish and loved their meals as well.



We barely had room left for dessert, but forced it down anyway :-)  I mean, what kind of people would we be if we let Bourbon Pecan Pie or Salted Caramel Cheesecake go to waste?!


While we live relatively close to each other, I don’t often have the opportunity to just go do stuff with Sister now that we have all the littles in school and sports and such.  We laughed a lot, ate too much, sneaked in a purchase from the shop, and really had a wonderful night.


If you’re a Savannahian or just visiting, it’s worth a trip over to Cohen’s for one-of-a-kind shopping, cocktailing and dining.  You’re in for a real treat!

Forty is shaping up to be the best yet!


Guide to Delightful Savannah

Cohen’s Retreat
5715 Skidaway Road
Savannah, Georgia
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One thought on “Dinner at Cohen’s Retreat

  1. I have sweet friends that were married there this past October. They had originally planned an outdoor wedding at another venue, and it happened to be the weekend that we had a monsoon. When it became evident a day or so before their wedding that outside would be out of the question, Cohens Retreat quickly coordinated a very lovely wedding evening for them, and it was absolutely beautiful. What they did with two days notice was amazing, and indeed it was a gorgeous venue.

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