Disneyland’s Club 33

Even though our visit to Club 33 was three weeks ago, I can still hardly believe it was real.  This is the ultimate bucket list item for any Disney fan and it is almost such a stretch that I could hardly dare to dream it.  Through a very well connected and kind friend, our family was invited to lunch at Disneyland’s private club!!

Located within Disneyland park and tucked away in New Orleans Square on Royal Street is the exclusive Club 33. It is one of the finest and most exclusive five star restaurants in the world with an exceptionally limited number of memberships that cost a pretty penny.

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To enter Club 33 you first ring the doorbell.  I did the honors for our family.  The receptionist confirmed our names and the doors opened.  An interesting fact that Honey shared with me is that the doors of Club 33 are one of the most famous uses of “go away green” paint.  It’s a color that is hard for the eye to see!

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We found ourselves in a lush courtyard called Court d’Anges.  We were escorted up the curved staircase for lunch in Le Grand Salon.


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Before we knew it, we were up the stairs and standing at the entrance to the foyer.  It was such a strange feeling to want to soak up every second, while not just rushing ahead to see what was next.

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Entering the club, you are immediately awakened by the wonderful aromas of gourmet cuisine, the chinking of champagne glasses, the collection of marvelous antiques, and the hustle and bustle of a highly trained staff.

The club’s original harpsichord, created for Lillian Disney specifically for Club 33, is in the foyer.  The painting of New Orleans Harbor inside of the harpsichord is stunning.


Most of the club’s antique furnishings were hand selected by Lillian and Walt on their travels and are still in place today.


I was so startled when an audio-animatronic vulture perched atop a grandfather clock started talking to me!  Only at Disney!


Le Grand Salon was richly and beautifully appointed.  It was an intimate space, and we were one of three parties dining for lunch.

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We started with cocktails and lemonades, with Club 33 being the only place in Disneyland to serve alcohol.



We chose the four course experience, and I started with the Warm Blue Crab and Artichoke Gratin with Lemon Chervil Glasage.


My salad was the Summer Garden Salad with Shaved Radishes, Baby Cucumbers and Maison Vinaigrette.


For my entree, I went with the Potato Parmesan Gnocchi with Spring Vegetables, Morel Mushrooms and Fennel Essence.


I can’t remember exactly what my dessert was, but it was just as incredible as the other three courses.



The littles had a three course experience.  I loved how the cast members made them feel so warm and welcomed.



Every one of us loved every single thing we were served.  It was all wonderfully and carefully prepared and brought to our table!!

We sat right in front of one of the french doors opening on to New Orleans Square.  The doors were all slightly ajar and we had the loveliest views of the park below.  Cookie went to open one of the doors next to our table and the door knob came off in his hand.  I felt like I died a slow death right then and there… and the waiter walked up exactly at that moment.  I.Was.Mortified.  But, it was all needlessly so, he swiftly reattached it and said “it happens all the time with these old doors.”  Whew!


With the door knob crisis averted, we spent some time out on the balcony.  It was surreal and lovely.


The entire experience was completely magical.  And, while the club is luxurious in every sense of the word, the cast members and light and charming and act as if you are old friends or family.  The club has a presence, a life of itself, and is another one of those places where I wish the walls could talk.

I am certain that this was a once in a lifetime experience and I will always be grateful to the friend that made this happen for my 40th birthday!!  You know who you are… THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart <3


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6 thoughts on “Disneyland’s Club 33

  1. I know you had a wonderful experience. I have had the good fortune to have had lunch there 2 times during my working career. I was in the hotel management so I got to do a lot of wonderful things. Especially when something new was going to open.

    What a great experience for your sons to see everything at Disneyland and a tour of California.

    Wishing you a very belated Birthday. Sounds like you enjoyed California’s Disneyland. Orlando is way to hot and humid for me.


  2. Club 33 looks stunning!!! I would love to see that one day. I know that had to have been a dream come true.

    1. Well, I really wanted the Club 33 Dooney bag but they are launching a new pattern and it was only a display. Also, you had to be a member to purchase. Honey got me a Christmas ornament which is a replica of the door and I chose a scarf. I don’t wear a lot of scarves, but felt like I had to get something, you know?! There was only a tiny little case of merchandise. Most of it very pricey and a lot of it for actual members only.

  3. Oh, how thrilling! I’ve always wanted to know what Club 33 is like. Thank you so much for sharing this and your fabulous family trip photos!!

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