“The Place” with The Pink Clutch

Amanda and I talk a lot about the perfect place for lunch.  You know the place, the kind that is not only darling but has the most amazing food and impeccable service.  With cute people to wait on you and the amazing owners who always know your name and save your favorite sweet treat for your visit.  Basically, the perfect little lunch spot in town.
We have decided maybe we just need to open it ourselves.  Since it doesn’t seem to exist, maybe it is waiting on us to make it happen.  We would call it simply, The Place.  It would be the ideal spot for lunch and treating others, and also the perfect spot to stop in for a latte and a scone and hang out for hours.
The entrance would be flanked with amazing topiaries in fabulous Chippendale planters. The darling front door would be under a striped awning, one in a bright and happy color.
Of course, that awning with have to have incredible details.  Maybe a scallop or something adorable like Laduree chose for their gorgeous entrance.  The name of our joint would be on the glass in an incredible font.  You know, a simple font can kill you with branding!
The drinks would all be served in mason jars with darling striped straws in colors on brand.  We would serve both the basics, sweet tea and Arnold Palmers, but also incredible flavored lemonades that would be featured daily!  Things like Orange Basil and Strawberry Lavender.  People would ask to buy gallons to take home to treat their family.
Our menu would also be a mix of traditional and fun.  Egg salad with bacon and homemade pickles mixed with the best most original grilled cheese of the day.  All meals would only be made complete with the best cookies and sweet treats of the day.
Are you dying yet, because I am.  Our amazing town is missing The Place.  Amanda and I talk about it a lot … and wish someone would take our idea and make it a reality.  Until then we shall dream and create it in our heads to be the perfect spot for all who are looking to lunch.
Sigh … maybe one day!
For more from Paige Minear check out her design blog, The Pink Clutch.
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9 thoughts on ““The Place” with The Pink Clutch

  1. Love your ideas. I would definitely visit your “Place” if I were in town. We really could use something like that around here as well. I remember years ago sitting with my friend (who happens to be a fabulous cook) in a restaurant and we had a similar conversation. Every sentence would start with “Well, if I owned the place…” Maybe someone will be smart enough to pick up on your suggestions! Love the awnings…

  2. I can only hope one day Amanda & Paige will turn this dream into reality cause I would want to eat there every day!! Sweet tea, lemonade with cute straws served in a Mason jar, lovely! Can some yummy pimento cheese sandwiches be added to the menu?!

  3. So sweetly presented….it was like reading a little story. :-)
    Have you checked out all the little places that serve high tea in your area? That’s the closest I can find but, alas, no striped straws and the decor is always so overdone. Nonetheless, please reserve me a spot, by the window at 1pm, so I can see all the Lilly bikes parked in the front. :-)

  4. My new “place” is Chicken Salad Chick. One just opened up here in our town and it is sooo cute! I love the 10 different chicken salads they offer. Be sure to ask for samples before you decide. Who knew there were this many options of chicken salad? And here is the clincher for me….the meal of one scoop of salad plus side also comes with a cookie!! I love cookies! Ha! They also offer awesome sides like broccoli salad and grape salad. A winner! I know you are probably looking for a non-chain restaurant but if you are ever near one of these give it a try. I have absolutely no interest in the restaurant but wanted to share my new find. :-)

    1. I was thinking the EXACT same thing! I use to live right down from “The Picnic” and I took all my guests there. I miss it so much.

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