A Dark Side Star Wars Soiree

Our favorite sith celebrated seven in galactic style last weekend!!


As usual, Sister completely outdid herself on making the gym party amazing!


It’s incredible what some tissue tassels, confetti and balloons can do.


The cake is by Bee Caked and was a show stopper!  Jay requested a red velvet layer (totally normal for 7 year olds, right?) and a vanilla layer.


He was insistent that only the bad guys be present.  Hence Darth and the storm troopers.


Darth himself made an appearance!  He was wonderful with the kids… running all over the place with his light saber and taking pictures with them.



CeeCee Storm Trooper (that’s what you had to call her) dazzled us with her knowledge of all things Star Wars.  From ballerina one day to bad guy the next.  She said a few times that she wants a Chewbacca party when she turns four.  Ha!




All the kids loved the gym equipment.  It was a great place to run off tons of steam.



So great, in fact, that Mother and I had to give the rope swing a whirl while the littles were occupied with cake. LOL.


It was another great celebration for one of our favorite kids.  Cookie’s bestie, in fact.


So thankful for these crew and that they get to grow up together…


Happy Birthday, Bird!!  It’s hard to believe you’re SEVEN!!!!

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12 thoughts on “A Dark Side Star Wars Soiree

  1. Such a great idea to have a proper soirée while still being an exciting, fun party! Fabulous job, Sister, right down to the shoe clips and your black dots on the garland, you gals never miss a thing! And here’s a big gold star to your mother for trying the rope swing! Happy Birthday, Jay. My mom called me “Bird”, so Happy Birthday from one Bird to another. May you shine and conquer!

  2. Star Wars Mini Melissa shoes?? I have seen it all!


    Looks like the perfect party.

  3. You post so many great pictures, but the one of you and your Mom trying the rope swing is one of my favorites!! Looks like a fun & special birthday party!

  4. Is that fabulous white lounge furniture a rental? It seems so over-the-top (and exactly like something I would do) to bring that in, but I can’t imagine the gym normally has is there! Either way—amazing!

  5. Love all your party posts. You and your sister have such a gift for throwing the most awesome parties and the amazing thing is making it look so great in a gym. I think your sister deserves double points for that. Did you do a post on your niece’s party? She is such a cutie pie.

  6. I know I’m late to this party (just catching up on your blog) but I spy some Welldressed Wolf on that sweet CeeCee! Hats off to Sister for scoring that dress and making it a perfect addition to that awesome party. Well done Momma Wolf!

    1. You are so right about the Well Dressed Wolf! When she is in Savannah, she has all of us trying to get an outfit. And she often calls on Dixie in ATL to help her there.

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