May the Fourth Be with You

May 4th is a big deal for Star Wars fans!!  Geeks like us dress up in our Star Wars best, say dorky things like “may the forth be with you” to unsuspecting acquaintances, and spend our afternoon watching back to back flicks while pledging our allegiance to the Dark or Light Sides.

To celebrate, the littles came home to find movie snacks of blue milk, tie fighter s’mores and popcorn waiting on the porch!!

Tie Fighter S’mores
2 square graham crackers
large marshmallow
2 chocolate melts (I used white)

  • put your graham crackers on a microwave safe plate with a chocolate melt in the middle of each
  • microwave until mostly melted
  • stick large marshmallow between and hold together until set


I pulled out my various inspired duds last night and let the baby pick for me since I was headed to his class for Mother’s Day festivities today.  R2D2 nudged the others out of the contest…  (chalk this up to things I never did before having boys)


His Mother’s Day event was so incredibly sweet.  I totally boo-hood and I’m absolutely not ashamed of that.  I’ve said before that his teacher truly thinks of every detail and is a master party planner.  The set up was darling!!

IMG_9296 copy

They sung a precious song and then a slideshow of pictures and quotes was played.  Oh my, there was not a dry eye in the house.


It was such a wonderful morning with my baby.  I can hardly believe the end of first grade is upon us.  If you’re curious, he has proclaimed my favorite food as spaghetti (hmm…), got my favorite color correct (pink) and nailed it when he said “my mommy loves it when we nuggle” (how he has always said snuggle).  I’m going to miss these days…


May the fourth be with y’all!

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11 thoughts on “May the Fourth Be with You

  1. I was waiting in line at Sephora today and saw a Minnie Mouse head on top of a display. The display was gold and black. That’s all I have to report because I forgot to look after paying.

  2. Oh, my gosh…this is so adorable! Whit’s portrait of you is FANTASTIC!!! It should be your new logo. :-) Happy Mother’s Day to you, your mother and sister. I hope you all have a very special day that you are so deserving of.

  3. PS…And a Happy Mother’s Day to “Honey’s” mother too. She raised a fine son.

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