Proud to be an American

Gosh, it was a gorgeous weekend in Atlanta to kick off summer and, more importantly,  remember ALL that have served our country.


We went into the weekend with NO plans, which was lovely.  We did lots of slip ‘n sliding…


Spent a day at our friend’s pool… they were our next door neighbors for a few years and we feel so fortunate to have them as neighbors again.  (Whit’s K teacher gave me the Yeti cup as a thank you last year.  I had NO clue what it was at the time but now it’s the most used thing in my kitchen!)


We celebrated sweet Jay Bird’s birthday at a hibachi dinner!!!!!!!!!  Hard to believe he’s SEVEN!!!!!!!!!!! (dress from kid section at Target)


And today we hung out poolside before heading to bestie M’s for a yummy and spontaneous BBQ dinner!


I pretty much bought every I’m Proud to be an American Coke I could find…


Spending time with family and friends with no agenda was truly the best way to start the season.

I hope that all of YOU had a wonderful holiday.  A sincere THANK YOU goes out to all men and women that have served and continue to serve our country.  I’m proud to be an American today and every day!


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3 thoughts on “Proud to be an American

  1. Hi Amanda,

    Just to clarify because it does seem that a lot of people are unclear…….
    Memorial Day is meant to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.
    That is, they died serving their country.

    Veterans Day is observed to honor all those who served but did not necessarily die serving their country.

    Our town has an amazing Memorial Day Service each year where we read the names of each resident that made the ultimate sacrifice, with a bell tolling for each one. The names date back to the war of 1812. With patriotic music and a 3 gun salute, it is a very moving memorial service.

    Hope that helps folks to understand the reason for the different days of observance here in the USA.

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