Pirates Meet Yellow Jackets

Cookie’s baseball team celebrated the *near* end of their season cheering on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets!!!


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Tech had been rained out the night before so we lucked out with a double header.  An incredible home run edged the Jackets ahead to win the first game!!


The players were SO nice to the kids, with many of them coming over to say hello, give high fives and sign balls.  Honey said he signed MANY balls in his days on the Tech baseball team. John said we should see how much they are going for on ebay :-)  Honey and I both laughed at that one!

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There was a quick downpour between the games, and our team retreated to the covered area for pizzas, cookie cake and snacks.  Before we knew it, the second game was underway.



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Once all the players had left the locker room for the dugout, our team was invited inside for a tour!!  The littles absolutely LOVED getting to try out some of the equipment, and Honey was just in awe of how much nicer things are twenty yeas later :-)






They used the littles for tons of crowd entertainment – dizzy bats, sack races, etc.  Whit was picked for a sack race and, in typical Cookie fashion, got off with a BANG … hopping along in the opposite direction from everyone else.  HA!  He was the last one by a lot, but had a fantastic time out on the field.

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Honey and I both love getting back on campus.  So many memories, so many fun times!


Not too much has changed around the baseball stadium, other than the now giant trees.  Back in the day, we could see straight through to the field from the front yard of the ZTA house.


We’re chalking this up as the BEST team party ever!!  Thanks SO much to the dad that set it all up.  GO TECH!!!

With that, we’re off to TWO jam packed days of lacrosse and baseball. It’s tournament season!!


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