PSA: Medical ID for iPhone

I was reminded this week about the iPhone’s Medical ID feature.  I set mine up a while ago when I first learned of it and meant to share with y’all then.

Setting up your Medical ID allows first responders, medical professionals or really anyone to access critical and potentially life saving information about you in the event of an emergency.  It would also allow someone to find you if you lost your phone, for that matter.  (On the flip side of that, it would allow anyone that does find your phone to find out information about you so….)

Here’s how you would find it from a locked iPhone screen.

  1. Click on Emergency in the lower left corner of the unlock screen on any iPhone


2. Click on Medical ID in the lower left corner of the Emergency call screen


3. Access medical information and emergency contact for the phone’s owner.  It looks like this:


Setting it up only takes a few minutes!

1. Locate the Health app (white square with red heart) on your iPhone.  It comes already installed and is not something you should need to download or purchase.

2. Click on Medical ID in the bottom right corner of the app and input your information.

That’s it!

While y’all are at it, go ahead and make sure you have the Find my iPhone app set up and have your pictures and videos backing up to the cloud.  Sister had her phone stolen a month ago and was devastated to lose all of her pictures and to find that she never set up the Find my iPhone feature.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends.

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2 thoughts on “PSA: Medical ID for iPhone

  1. This is such a smart idea – and something I never knew about! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have mine set up because I have seizures but I do not want the ambulance or 911 called because it’s not necessary for my particular ones, and it just ends up with me having to spend a ton of money. This way, I can say I have seizures and write a note beside of it on the app saying “Don’t call ambulance. Call my mother,” with my mom’s number installed beside it. It’s a pretty nifty app. I don’t give too much info, just enough, and I think it could be important IF other people know/remember to use it.

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