The Patriotic Porch

While I love the muted blues and whites we keep on the porch eleven month of the year, bringing out the bold reds, blues, stars and stripes really makes me happy each July!

DSC_2119 copy

I purchased the large Pottery Barn wooden flag eons ago and we swap it out for the fish painting each July.  Honey simply drilled holes in the top of it’s frame for an easy change up.

DSC_2097 copy

When I was trying to dig a soft side cooler out of one of the closets in the garage last week I found my vintage Coke crate!!  Since I had just started pulling out the red, white and blue I set it aside to use this year.  I think it’s the perfect addition!!!  I filled about half of its slots with repurposed glass bottles and used them to hold a bunch of cut hydrangeas from the yard.  They won’t last long, but they sure do look amazing while they do.

DSC_2106 copy

The table runner is another thing I’ve had for ages.  It was also from Pottery Barn back in the day.  I’ve gathered most of my patriotic items from them over the years.



After using the same set of flags for fourteen years, I finally replaced most of them this year!!  You can find all shapes and sizes at Michael’s.

DSC_2103 copy

I set out patriotic glass bottle Cokes from the World of Coke and Cracker Jacks (Dollar Tree) for the cousins.

DSC_2101 copy

Looking towards the other end of the porch, I swapped out the oyster painting over the mantle for my DIY Sweet Land of Liberty canvas.


Back when we first finished the porch Mother helped me make red and white covers for my throw pillows.  I just slide them right on top of the regular ones for an easy change up that takes up virtually no space in storage.

DSC_2107 copy


The flag pillow was another Pottery Barn find from a few years ago.

DSC_2116 copy

I still love my Happy Everything plate SO much!!  The USA topper is one of my favorites.


With that, I’d say we are ready for the Fourth!!  Have a great weekend, y’all!

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6 thoughts on “The Patriotic Porch

  1. I always love the pops of red – all of your touches make for a perfectly patriotic porch! xo

  2. Love it Amanda. I have mine decked out for the 4th, too. Blogging it soon. I wish we had a fireplace even though we certainly don’t need it this time of year. It’s a sauna out there!

  3. Thanks for sharing!
    Everyone uses my back door and walks thru the screened porch year round to enter. I am a new viewer to your blog! I would like to see how you decorate for the other times of year! Any help/suggestions you can give will be appreciated. Thank you!

    PS believe it or not, I have fall, winter, and summer figured out, it is SPRING that is so very difficult for me.

  4. I love the porch. And I especially love the Coke bottles –do you know if they can bepurchased anywhere other than World of Coke–or maybe a trek to Atlanta is in my future!! Thanks for always sharing–I have seen the Happy Everything plates, but for the life of me I can’t remember where–could you share where I might find one?

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