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Summer is fleeting here in Atlanta, but I wanted to share one of our very favorite summer and break haunts – Aurora Cineplex in Roswell.  We (finally) saw Finding Dory (SO cute) here last week and it was a great reminder that I never shared this little gem.


It’s your standard movie theater setting, but the seats are large and comfy and the facility is always very clean and tidy.  The employees are extremely nice and friendly as well.  The drinks all come with unlimited self-serve refills and the large popcorn gets a refill as well.  My littles love that they almost always have movie themed wood face cut out things to stick their faces through for pictures.  I love that they hand out lifesaver mints as you exit the theater.  It’s the little things, y’all.

Now, in addition to all of the aforementioned reasons, one thing that tips the scale in favor of Aurora as our FAVORITE theater are the TWO mini golf courses!  One is pirate themed and the other is actually themed to Roswell itself.  Adding on a round of mini-golf is $5 when you are also seeing a movie.  You can make a whole afternoon if it!

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IMG_0521 copy


There are specials every day of the week, with Tuesday being our favorite..

-$2 off Movie Tickets and $2 off Kid Pack

-Play TWO courses of mini golf for the price of ONE!

-$1.00 small popcorn, $1.75 medium, $2.50 large, $3.50 kid snack pack

During the summer, they have a family flick every weekday at 10AM.  The tickets are only $2 and kid snack packs (popcorn, small drink and small candy) are only $3.  Oh, and it’s called a kid pack, but is totally great for adults too.  So, for $5 you not only get the movie, but a great snack to boot!  The movies are not current, but are always good ones that we missed in the theater.

Another great tip is that tickets for movies starting before noon are only $5.50!  We LOVE to do a first run early movie during the summer on $2 off tuesday.  That makes the ticket only $3.50!!

I also always do a quick google for any specials before running out the door.  Here’s a current one… Local Flavor – buy one get one mini golf and free drink with purchase of popcorn.

Anyhoo, I hope y’all have a fabulous weekend.  I ran all my errands this morning, did dishes and laundry, tidied up the house, walked the dog and now we’re heading to bestie M’s brand new pool for the rest of the day!!


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2 thoughts on “Around Atlanta {Aurora Cineplex}

  1. We have a theatre that sounds very similar, at Reynolds at Lake Oconee. Definitely our fave place to catch a movie but sadly so mini golf. In fact, there are NO mini golf places around here at all, even in Athens! Enjoy your day!

  2. That sounds like such fun and economical, too. I love to play miniature golf and pretty much go to the movies all the time! Wish I lived near your theater. Here, in New England, even for the first showing or special discount days, movie tickets average over eight dollars apiece. I bet your theater does a lot of business (ours are frequently empty).

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