Fourth Festivities

Y’all, I have been a complete sloth today!  After TWO back-to-back eight hour pool days on Saturday and Sunday we waffled back and forth about whether or not we should give the Peachtree Road Race another go.  Honey ultimately gave the winning argument to attend:  He said that it was a 40×41 bucket list item for me but, since it was raining last year, that I didn’t get the full experience.  So now I can absolutely say I have!!

Our morning started sunny and HOT HOT HOT with loads of humidity.


Each wave of runners cheered for all of the service men and women in their group under the stars and stripes flying proudly above.  It was so moving!


And then we were off on the world’s largest 10k.  Peachtree street was 6.2 miles of cheering fans and packed to the hilt with hysterical runners.  We ran with people eating donuts, people drinking bloody mary’s and people belting out patriotic songs.  We got sprinkled with Holy Water AND got to spend 3 miles behind a rather large man in nothing but Captian America brief undies.  It was quite entertaining and I can now CONFIDENTLY say I’ve had the experience AND finished the race!


We were part of the Coke team and it was a personal best time for me.  Last year we finished walking with a 13.30 minute pace.  I shaved off a whole minute to finish with a 12.30 pace this year!!  Wahoo!!  That being said, I think we are officially retiring from this race.  It really eats into our party stamina :-)


We brought back our annual Fourth of July soiree this year and invited the neighbors over at 7PM for a low country boil and fireworks.  We got off the sofa at 5PM.  Oy!


It was still awfully hot, but we had the best time.



I hope y’all had a fun and safe holiday weekend!

God Bless the USA!!!!!!!!!!



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3 thoughts on “Fourth Festivities

  1. You and your friends are absolutely darling…as is Miss CeeCee on her pink bike! She looks exactly like Sister! Very cute photos of all. I now have to wear my red and blue tasseled bracelets together and can’t believe I haven’t done so before. :-) Happy summer!

    1. I nearly forgot to wear mine! I don’t wear red very much so forgot I even had it until digging through my drawer for something else :-)

  2. PS I was craaaazy about your patriotic Coke bottles with the Cracker Jacks! *** Simple but spectacular! ***

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