Tybee Island: Salt Air + Sandy Toes

We were up and at ’em early for a full day at the beach.  Can you believe how big this girl is getting?!

DSC_2272 copy

Knowing how hard it would be to get them together once their toes hit the sand, we made an attempt right after parking our bikes and scooters.  Let’s call this one Bows Over Bros.


And, just as we expected, they were off!

DSC_2301 copy

The waves were big and strong and breaking right at the shore.  The littles were in heaven!














Want to know how to really impress two seven year old shark loving cousins?  Just quick little photoshop edit will do the trick…  “I was going back through my pictures and there was a shark RIGHT THERE in the water with y’all.”  HAHA.

DSC_2330 copy2

Meanwhile, the men played Kan Jam…  a great, portable beach frisbee game.


While the girls stayed cool in the shade…




The time we get to spend back home every summer is one of our favorite weeks of the year!!  There’s truly no place like home!!


Kan Jam Game *affiliate link*

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6 thoughts on “Tybee Island: Salt Air + Sandy Toes

  1. Thanks for sharing!
    Where exactly is home??
    Give us a travel log for visiting Tybee Island, please.
    Give family moderate prices –
    where to stay (close to the sand as possible), where to go for coffee, breakfast, ice cream, dinner for family, dinner for adults?
    WHAT IS THE MUST DO? As a single grandmother I need a budget friendly vacation to include my kids, grands and greats. HELP!!!!

    1. Well, I’ve lived in Atlanta now for longer than I ever lived in Savannah but I still call Savannah home. I’ve been posting on Tybee all week and also have info for Tybee on my Travel > Savannah page!! I don’t have a lot of info on where to stay, but I would look at Mermaid Cottages. Tybee is small and very easy to navigate on a bike. It would be more affordable to visit in September or early October. I hope you have a wonderful visit!!

  2. The photo of CeeCee chasing the boys is fabulous!
    When did they all get so big? I swear they have grown
    since last week!

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