Coca-Cola Memories + A Winner

I have absolutely loved watching your favorite Coke memories roll in for the World of Coca-Cola ticket giveaway!  The winner of the four pack of tickets is Candice Lewis.  Please email me to claim your prize :-)


So many of you reminisced about your favorite moments and memories with Coke.  I could relate to so many of them and couldn’t resist sharing for everyone else to read…

Social Circle, Georgia is my hometown and in the early 80’s Coca Cola chose us to be a test market for their soon to be released soft drink, Mello Yello. Every household (the town’s population was less than 2000 people!) received a case of Mello Yello and was asked to answer some questions about the drink on a postcard. I remember how excited we all were and how proud we were that Coca Cola had chosen our little town!

I remember when “New Coke” was released. The months of speculation leading up to it… we wondered what the change would be?! And then – what a flop. Oh me, it was SO nasty!

Peanuts in a ice cold coke is the perfect summer snack!

My favorite memory of Coke is serving the little glass bottles of Coke at my wedding 20 years ago on a hot day in August! Still nothing better than popping a cold Coke on a hot day!

Best Memory: catching my first fish on boat in the waters off Bermuda with my dad; it was a hot, humid day and I recall the way those bubbles quenched my thirst and the bottle fit in my hand perfectly. I had nothing but a fishing line and my hands were raw after negotiating the fish onto the boat. If memory serves me correctly, the fish was thirsty too, naturally it had a Coke. :-)

My funniest Coke memory is when I was on a hiking/camping trip in the Canadian Rockies. The cook ran out of Cokes in the cooler, and we had been hiking all day, and I really needed one. It was pouring rain, and there was a trailhead with a Coke machine about 3 miles away. Yes, I hiked 3 miles each way in the rain for my Coca-Cola!

Grandmother was a very old fashioned, traditional southern lady who ONLY liked Coke, and boy if she went somewhere where they didn’t have Coke , she let you know her disappointment.

My favorite memory of drinking Coke was when my sister & I would visit my grandmother at her beach house in the summer. She would have glass Coke bottles & peanuts for her bridge group. My mom was a dental hygienist and wouldn’t let us have much sugar, so we got to enjoy a Coke (or two) when we would visit for the day!

I used the “team” logo one liter bottles as swag for part of a teambuilding session for my group at work. Added Some Pom Poms and our company logo to the bottles. They are still displayed on desks around the office!

I once worked at Wendy’s. There were “other brand” delivery drivers that would stop by our restaurant once a week. One of the guys would always order tea, but the other would order Coke. He would whisper it, like a secret to me. Used to crack me up every time.

The second memory was when I was in college and the new coke came out. My roommate and I couldn’t stand it! So we proceeded to go to every local grocery store we could and buy the last few remaining cases of the original coke we could find. That was pretty difficult on our college student budget but so worth it!

My favorite coke memory would be drink an ice cold coke from a glass bottle in St. Marks square when we were in Vince, Italy! Pure bliss! Nothing like a glass bottle of coke and Italy! :)

I remember being a little girl going to my Pawpaw’s little country store and getting a Coke out of the deep refrigerator coolers they used to have! Showing my age here.? Would also have have to have a pack of M&Ms to go with it! What great memories!

My favorite Coke Memory happens every Holiday Season. Primary Children’s Hospital does a Festival of Trees to raise money. Every year there is Coke Tree. It is always a highlight for my family to find the tree.

Your grandfather (my daddy) owned and operated a dry cleaners, and every time I visited him at the plant (usually needing something like gas money or the likes) I would get a coke out of his old red tall coke machine. It was next to the customer counter, and lots of customers would get cokes too. Of course I never had to pay. It was the kind of machine that had a little door on it. You put your money in, turn the handle and then open the door and your coke would be there. And he had glass jars with bubble gum and peanuts in them, and of course I would always get a bag of peanuts to have with my coke.

My favorite Coca Cola memory is from back in the 60’s when they put cardboard d.i.y. Christmas ornaments in the cartons of Coke. My sisters and I made every design, and used them to decorate our tree for years. Wish I still had them. They are valuable now, but the memories I have of those ornaments and that time mean more to me than money can buy.

I may be a little older than some of your readers but I can distinctly remember when Coke went from 5 cents to 6 cents and nothing is better than a coke in the “little bottle”.

My favorite is good old iced Classic Coke. My favorite memories are if taking back the bottles to the grocery store for a deposit on the bottles and purchasing a new 8 pack carton of Coke!

We were loading up the cars at the end of our week in western North Carolina and my cousin was going to drive my aunt’s car. She stood there with her Tervis and her can of Cherry Coke and told him to pick her up at the ice machine, and off she went. My dad never gets in the car–no matter where they are going–without a “Coke with ice”. My mom is in charge of packing Daddy’s favorite cups and a cooler, depending on far they are driving.

As a little girl I can remember going to a local market in my hometown to get the old fashioned glass coke bottles. They were the machines that you could pop the tops off as well. We would also take our used bottles in the carrying pack back in to the same market weekly and restock :)

We are a South Georgia Coke family. My 9 year old twin daughters have this so instilled in them! When choosing a restaurant, the first thing they ask is “Do they serve Coke products?” They quickly veto any choices that do not. Even when we were on vacation last week in Florida , they scanned the restauarant very quickly to make sure Coke was on the menu. They became excited when they saw the red Coca Cola emblem on the glasses as we were waiting to be seated.

My favorite Coke memory is having the Coke in the glass bottles at my boys’ joint birthday party when they turned 2 and 4 years old! The party was outdoors at our ranch, and having Cokes in the glass bottles on ice in a galvanized tub really brought back great memories for the older crowd that was in attendance! Everyone loved it!

My fav Coke memory is when my 4 year old started spotting Coke signs everywhere we went after visiting the World of Coke last year! He would get so excited to see it at a restaurant or when we were driving down the street! He’d say, “Look Mama! They have Coke, too!”

I love the CC polar bear; for my sons second birthday party (in January a few years back), we did traditional kid foods with polar bear Christmas cans for the beverages, red and white and frosty blue decorations, and I made polar bear cake pops with red and white striped handles. Such a labor of love, and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

I remember my Pop Pop collecting all things Coca Cola , then later on in life seeing my dad purchase things here and there that are Coca Cola related is a nice reminder of my Pop Pop :) . A fun moment my daughter and I share is … now that Coke has come out with Share a Coke and a Song it’s so cute how she’ll come over to ask me what song I got and then we’ll break out in song.


Thank you ALL so much for entering and “sharing a Coke” with us today!!

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  1. Love the memories. After reading the original post and being reminded of how much I love my Southern roots and miss the South I decided to spend my 50th birthday this December in Atlanta. I can’t wait to share my love of the South with my husband and 14 year old son. They have always lived in California so this will be a real treat.

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