Around Atlanta {Sprinkles}

One of our very favorite Atlanta treats is to hit up the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM.  You read that right… an ATM where you swipe your card and cupcakes are dispensed!!  The littles’ put a visit on their Summer Bucket List and I was happy to ride along on their coattails.


The whole novelty of a cupcake ATM aside, Sprinkles cupcakes are REALLY good!  They are my favorite of anywhere in Atlanta.  Great flavors and the perfect amount of icing.  My very favorite of all time is the Summer Cherry.  It only comes out seasonally so if you see it pop up, go get it!


Here it is in action…

Sprinkles Atlanta is located in Lenox Mall just inside the door by the valet and Nike Store facing Peachtree Street.  Also of note is that there is a new Sprinkles Cupcake ATM in Disney Springs for all of my Disney fans out there!!

Have a sweet weekend, y’all!


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6 thoughts on “Around Atlanta {Sprinkles}

  1. The Sprinkles ATM in NYC was shut down a few days ago due to MICE! The store is opened but they removed the ATM. Wonder if this will have an impact on the ATMs in other locations?

  2. Fun!! That cherry cupcake looks delicious! If you ever make it to my state to see Mount Rushmore :) you must stop at Deadwood and get a truffle from Chubby Chipmunk. No ATM but they do have a truffle vending machine. :)

  3. My best friend and I never leave Beverly Hills without stopping at Sprinkles! We dive in before we even hit the freeway, with me feeding her bites as she drives! We’ve been tempted, on a few late nights, to hit their ATM! I could not go on without their coconut cupcake but will keep an eye out for the cherry. :-) Happy Weekend!

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