Celebrating 40, High School Style

My dear, dear friend celebrated 40 last night with an incredibly fun party where all guests were requested to come in their “best high school look”.  As luck would have it, Sister was down in Savannah last week and was able to carry back a few gems from Mother’s house just for the occasion.  She hasn’t saved a lot of my high school stuff (thank goodness), but did have a wonderful jogging suit, a blazer with shoulder pads, and entire box of my old cheer uniforms.  Since Honey was able to dig up some old high school baseball tees and his letter jacket, we decided to embrace the whole sports look.


Just as we were arriving at the party, I went to put my phone in the pocket of my fabulous red satin jacket and was stunned to find some papers folded up in the pocket.  First, a 22 year old hall pass from my senior year.


I’m certain it was not for nefarious reasons that I was in the office.  You’re reading the life story of one of the world’s biggest nerds, may I remind you.  I had to google March 4, 1994.  It was four days before my 18th birthday and, according to Take Me Back To

It was Friday, under the sign of Pisces. The US president was Bill Clinton (Democratic). In that special week of March people in US were listening to The Power Of Love by Celine Dion. In UK Things Can Only Get Better by D:Ream was in the top 5 hits. The Hudsucker Proxy, directed by Joel Coen, was one of the most viewed movies released in 1994 while The Client by John Grisham was one of the best selling books.

Ah yes, those things do in fact ring a bell.  The Power of Love? Yes, please!  The Client? Read it in hardback.  LOL.

The other thing in the pocket was a map to some sort of event or party I must have been headed to on Tybee.  I literally have no recollection of this but will pose to my high school friends on facebook asap.  I had to laugh because these things won’t happen to our kids.  They won’t ever dig in their old high school clothes to find a map to anywhere because that route will have been long forgotten on gps.


Anyhoo, the night kicked off with the birthday girl’s family and neighbors taking a fantastic Fur Bus ride from the burbs down to Midtown.   Balloons, 90’s dance music, drinks, dancing… it was a wild ride indeed.


The party was at 5 Seasons Brewing and was SO much fun.  Almost everyone got into their high school best.  It was funny to see the differences in the generations.  There were prom dresses, athletes, hippies, grunge, overalls, big bangs, scrunchies, class rings, MC Hammer style… you name it.


We absolutely had a blast celebrating the birthday girl in her “freshman year look”.  She was our old next door neighbor, we moved our family of four in with her for more than a month at one point, we suffered unimaginable loss together and celebrated unparalleled joy.  And now, we are neighbors again and sending our littles off to the very same school together!!!!!!!!  So thankful for her and her family!!!!!!!!!!


We stayed out later than we have in … um… longer than I can remember.  And this morning I was all…

IMG_0982But, alas, he loves himself more…  :-)  The doodle does too.


We started lacrosse practice today for both boys and are planning a night in with some family friends. I hope y’all have fabulous weekends!!!



11 thoughts on “Celebrating 40, High School Style

  1. What a FANTASTIC idea for a party! Y’all look adorable. How I (unfortunately) remember all of those “styles” you listed… right down to her overalls with one strap off the shoulder. Good grief. Glad y’all had such a fun time! xo

  2. And you still look like a senior highschooler today! Have you ever shared your routine for staying so trim? I would love to fit into my old cheer uniform. I would love to see your tips on staying in shape at our age.

  3. What a fun way to celebrate your sweet friend! Is that Kevin Avery from The Fish? If not he could be Kevin’s twin!😊
    I enjoy your blog so much!
    Mindy in Madison, Ga

  4. First of all, I kind of hate you (LOVE YOU!!) for looking so damn good in your high school cheer uniform– still!

    Second, we totally took a ride on the Fur Bus a few years ago to a Phish show- memorable to say the least. Or maybe it was Widespread Panic… they’re all kind of a blur. I can only imagine the stories that bus has seen…


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