Mad Tea Party {Alice in Wonderland Birthday}

Hold on to your hats, y’all… I am finally, after seven long months, going to share pictures from CeeCee’s Mad Tea Party birthday soiree.  It’s not that I didn’t want to share, but getting pics out of Sister is like getting gold out of Fort Knox.  :-)


The party was at Sister’s club and CeeCee invited the cousins and her classmates.  Sister had everything wonderfully decorated and themed, but the party was pretty simple overall for a bunch of three year olds.


The focal point was the wonderful fire place, which was so perfect and cozy on a cold Atlanta day at the end of a snow weekend.


Mother made CeeCee’s darling Alice themed dress from a vintage pattern.  She was such a doll, as usual.



And, since CeeCee has won us all over, Honey was a wonderful sport and dressed up as the Mad Hatter for the occasion.  He’s a keeper, y’all.



Sister is SO good at flower arrangements and made these in oversized tea cups.  She scattered the oversized cards and glitter hearts all over the room.



The cake table was absolutely precious.  Sister put together the canvas for the backdrop and had the cake made by Bee Caked.




There were a couple of crafts, story time and a balloon lady (dressed as Queen of Hearts!) to keep the littles entertained.




All of the guests left with the Alice in Wonderland Little Golden Book.  The boys got a deck of cards and the girls got an Alice headband (made by Sister).  So darling!


It was a sweet celebration for the sweetest little girl.

And, funny enough, we just went shopping yesterday for her big girl room.  Time sure does fly.  Before too long we’ll be planning her 4th birthday!


Sister rattled off the sources for me months ago and I’ve since forgotten all of them.  I do know that the wonderful photography is all credit of Nine Sixteen Photography.  If you have specific questions, ask them in the comments and she will answer!!   I hope it was worth the wait :-)


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32 thoughts on “Mad Tea Party {Alice in Wonderland Birthday}

  1. We have all been waiting for this with bated breath!! What a precious party!! You and Sister really have a touch!

    1. Awww, thank you!!! We’re planning her big girl room right now and then it will be time for birthday number 4 soon!

  2. Stop it! This is just too adorable! You know, for the longest time I thought CeeCee was your daughter then when she wasn’t included in your Christmas photo, I had to go back and check what I had missed!! :) You are the best Aunt ever!! xox

    1. I know you do! Even with mine birthday parties are getting less and less. I’m so glad we did them big when they were little.

  3. Hip Hip Hooray!!! What a wonderful way to start the day! I couldn’t get my coffee fast enough to settle in and study all of the
    darling details! Thank you both for sharing this special day. The dress your mother made was perfect and the photos are magical, especially Honey in character and tiny CeeCee on the table with her cake! Oh, my gosh! Little southern girls with bows in their hair, lollipops and glitter hearts…absolutely dreamy!

    1. I know! CeeCee can get anyone to do anything. But Honey was truly such a good sport and this was way outside of his comfort zone. <3 xoxo

  4. Darling! Used to be “friends” with Alice at WDW many moons ago and this brought back wonderful memories of the tea parties we used to have there…and this was decorated as well (or better!) than the ones Alice and the Hatter have in the Grand Floridian!

  5. Amanda, you are so sweet. Thank you for putting up with my relentless begging! If I had mentioned it once more, I knew I ran the risk of being thrown off the Internet over a tea party! ;-) It was spectacular and I wanted to compliment Sister on her elegant flower arrangements. They were so charming and the perfect touch. Thank you again for sharing this memorable day with us. I can’t believe CeeCee is already three! Seeing this started my (60!) birthday week off right! XOXO

  6. Just two more quick thoughts…I missed seeing Bird but know he looked handsome, as always and love how Sister’s silhouette of Alice shadows CeeCee!!! AMAZING photography! Okay, I can go on with my life now. ;-)

    1. You were very patient in waiting for these :-) Bird was too busy having balloon light saber fights with the boys to pose for pictures.

  7. Amanda,That dress,the cake,wow!!! I don’t know where to start! It was just total fabulousness from start to finish!! You know both of my boys are grown,and one is married,but I would SOOOOO love to one day have a granddaughter,so I could spoil her like Cece!! Love you and your entire family to pieces!! Thank you and Sister for always letting us join in on all the fun!!! Hugs and love from Alabama….

    1. Thank you so much!! I am so very grateful that God blessed our family with CeeCee. And that Sister let’s me “share” her :-)

  8. I am in beginning phases of an Alice tea party for my 5 yo. She’s never had her own party (same birthday as her older brother) so this year she gets to pick!!! Any idea where cards and glitter hearts are from? Does she wanna sell the decor to someone less talented ???

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