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Hello, everyone. My name is Jordan, and I have been writing a blog called The 2 Seasons with my mother for over five years. Before we get started, we want to thank Amanda for inviting us to write a guest post. We both read Amanda’s blog every single day and have been for years. When Mom and I started the blog, I was a newlywed living in the North, and we had just bought our first home. My mom and dad are empty-nesters living in the South, and they had just down-sized. We were in two different seasons of our lives and thought it would be the perfect name for a blog that we would write together long-distance!

Jordan's house - The 2 Seasons

My husband, known on the blog as Yankee, and I were lucky enough to move back to the South last year and now live in to Charlotte, NC. We thought it might be fun to show you my two favorite rooms in our home. We bought a house in an established neighborhood that is loaded with young families, dogs, and kids. Since we just adopted our first child, a little girl from Thailand, four months ago, we wanted to be in an area that is all about family. Our house is a ten year old bungalow. Many of the older homes on our street have been purchased by young couples and have either been torn down and rebuilt or completely remodeled. We love having large trees, a nearby park, the conveniences of a modern home, yet be just a few minutes from downtown Charlotte.

New House Before- Dining room

(dining room before)

When we moved in, Yankee and I painted every square inch of our place. That includes all of the ceilings, doors, trim, and walls. It was a big undertaking, but we knew if we saved money in that area, then we would have it to spend on other things, like plantation shutters. The first room you see as you enter our home is our dining room, and we use it almost every cool evening for dinner. (During the warm months, we eat on our porch that you can see here and here.) We didn’t want it to be too stuffy for our family meals, but it still needed to be nice enough for entertaining on holidays and other times throughout the year. The photo above shows what it looked like on move-in day.

Dining room reveal - The 2 Seasons

This is what it looks like now. Let me tell you what we did.

Dining table - The 2 Seasons

When we were still living in our last home, I hacked an Ikea table which is perfect for this space. It’s rectangular shape fits right in with the shape of this dining room. We still want to get new chairs and have been on the look-out for them.

Buffet in Dining Room

We added an antique buffet from a family member.

Silver trays on dining room wall

We hung silver trays, that we found at thrift stores, on the wall. Silver is sort of like room jewelry we think. We don’t mind when the silver gets tarnished a little. It adds a nice patina to the room. However, when the trays get too dull, I shine them up. They are attached to the wall using command strips.

Lamps on dining room buffet

We bought new lamps for the buffet along with a mirror for the wall above it.

Dining room light - The 2 Seasons

We changed out the light over the table, which was probably the most dramatic difference in the room. You can see in this shot that the trays are tarnished some, but they still look great. By the way, we plan to fill up that entire wall.

Dining room reveal - The 2 Seasons

Then we added some botanicals.

Persian rug in the dining room - The 2 Seasons

The last piece of the pie was adding this Persian rug, which was a hand-me-down from my parents.

Jordan's kitchen - before

Now, we want to show you the room that gets used the most in our house . Just like the cliche says, the kitchen truly is the heart of our home. This is what it looked like on move-in day. It was a fine kitchen, but it just wasn’t our tastes. We love the tall ceilings, the stainless steel appliances, the granite counter tops, and the hardwood floors, which are in our entire house, and all of the light it gets. We did not love the back splash or the cabinets. Also, we needed a pantry, which we installed nearby.

Painted kitchen cabinets - The 2 Seasons

One week when Mom visited, we painted the cabinets. What a major improvement that made. However, there was still that back splash to deal with.

Painting a tile back splash - The 2 Seasons

After much research and a little bit of procrastinating, I painted the back splash just a few weeks ago. It was a very successful undertaking and has been really popular in Blogland.

How to Paint Tile Backsplash

We aren’t finished, though. We still need to change the outlets, build and island, and add new lights over the bar. Oh, and do you see the fan there? Well, we just replaced it.

Building a new hood

And now Yankee is building a box over it to enclose it. That will give the fan a custom look.

Dining room reveal - The 2 Seasons

That’s it for today. We hope you have enjoyed seeing our dining room…..

Painting a tile back splash - The 2 Seasons

…..and kitchen. If you would like to see our last home, you can see it here, and Mom’s house tour is here.

Janette and Jordan - The 2 Seasons

We would love for you to visit The 2 Seasons, and take a look around and subscribe. You can follow us on Instagram here and Facebook here. We publish five or six days a week and write about travel, food, decorating, DIY, thrifting, books, and a whole lot more.


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  1. Amanda…I love the Mother/Daughter team of The 2 Seasons…they are just the nicest and I love their blog. I have admired the way Jordan has transformed her new home. Love the dining room and the kitchen transformations…such a beautiful change….and loved how she brightened the kitchen further by painting the backsplash tile…a great idea…Great tour here today!!

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