At Home with The Uptown Acorn

I realize that many of you that know me also know my dear, dear friend Ron at Uptown Acorn.  Nevertheless, a peek inside his gorgeous New Orleans home is always a treat.  Ron’s style is masculine, southern and traditional with a lot of coastal charm.  One thing that I wish pictures could convey is how incredibly it always smells.  I know that sounds odd, but it is something about his home that I’ve always loved and never been able to recreate.  As for Ron himself, he’s funny, has an impeccable sense of style, knows his way around the NOLA restaurant scene, is the best shopping partner I’ve ever had and is a gracious host.  By clicking on the links to each room, you will find entire posts full of sources and ideas.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the tour!

The Front Porch

Ron’s gorgeous uptown New Orleans home is the prettiest on the block.  His quintessential Southern front porch is the perfect place for a cup of coffee in the morning or cocktail in the evening.  How do I know this? I’ve had the great fortune of enjoying both :-)  While the back gardens and courtyards are absolutely stunning, the front yard is equally as lovely and inviting.  Not only is Ron incredible at interiors, but he has a green thumb like nobody I know.  Like me, Ron switches out his door hanger seasonally and has his own local source for these fabulous pieces.  You also must see his exterior at both Christmas and Halloween.  As soon as you  walk up to his home there’s no doubt that you’re in for a real treat.

The first room when you step inside at Uptown Acorn is the parlor.  It’s where Ron and Jeff, and usually a few friends, wind down in the evening with a cocktail.  I love his mix of herringbone and silk, found elements like antlers and tortoise shells next to Southern bird oil paintings, and antiques with more contemporary pieces.


Stair Parlor

Ron’s stair parlor is a space I’ve been envious of for years!  I absolutely adore the round table centered under the crystal chandelier and look forward to how he changes the decor each season.  Another one of Ron’s many talents is florals… his are always something to look forward to!!  He made all of the silks in my home, in fact.  Another little detail I adore in this space is the organic arrangement of seed pods over the arched doorway.  Like in the parlor, Ron masterfully mixes so many different styles and elements in this space – from crystal to vintage silver to a cow hide rug.

Ron’s dining room is a functional and elegant space with a stunning collection of oyster plates and southern art.  When he entertains at his not-to-be-missed parties, this table is piled to the hilt with florals and all sorts of incredible eats.  I DO miss those soirees.
Ron’s den is a comfortable and inviting space, with his signature mix of natural elements, antiques and contemporary pieces.  Like the rest of his home, this space changes often and I always look forward to seeing what’s next!  This is where they keep their TV and is just steps away from their lush courtyard.
 The breakfast room is open to the den and kitchen and is another show-space of fabulous art, ceramics and fabrics.  I love how he uses the armoire for extra storage here and keeps chairs available for guests to pull up around the round dining table.

Ron’s predominantly white kitchen recently got the most wonderful pop of color with his collection of large colorful flowers used on floats during the Mardi Gras season.  He also uses the lovely New Orleans toile on his cafe curtains and accents in the kitchen.  One thing I love about Ron is that he is very true to his style and what he loves.  By supporting local artists and using their items in his home, every single room is unique.  When I have the opportunity to visit I just walk around and try to take it all in!

Master Bedroom
The master bedroom is a soothing and masculine space full of incredible Southern bird art.  I love the double doors on either side of the bed, white linens and chocolate brown accents.  At Christmas he adds red plaid and I always fall in love with it all over again.


I do hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour of Ron’s incredible uptown New Orleans home.  Just the architecture alone is beautiful, but his attention to detail, unique collections and Southern style and made every space stunning.  Many, many thanks to Ron for inviting us into his delightful home!

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21 thoughts on “At Home with The Uptown Acorn

  1. His home is always FABULOUS and he never fails to find just the perfect touch to add for special events and holidays. I have always wanted to be there for cocktails or a good rain. :-) The kitchen was a treat to see with his unending cozy details. Thank you both for sharing this masterpiece….and thank you, Ron for being a dedicated teacher.

    1. Hi Jane- Thanks for the comment. The name grew out of my home in Atlanta. We lived on a corner hill filled with wisteria. I had a business called The Acorn at Wisteria Hill in which I specialized in custom botanicals. The acorn is the French symbol of prosperity. So when I moved to uptown New Orleans, I became Uptown Acorn….. simple but cute. Though some of my friends refer to me as The Downtown Nut….. oh well!!!! xo

      Thanks Amanda for the feature!

  2. Good evening, Amanda! I’m so excited that you featured Ron’s home. I absolutely adore his home and love his classy, chic, and masculine decor to his home. He never ceases to amaze me how his amazing talent and eye for design can change a room or a vignette in a heartbeat. I truly think his dreams are about how he can change things up! :) I love Dixie Delights, too! Have a great evening! xoxo P.S. I commented earlier, but I don’t know if my comment went through! :(

  3. Ron’s home is truly amazing! There are so many beautiful touches in each room and yes, the outside is fabulous also! I have no idea how they manage the decorating for Halloween and Christmas but both are spectacular!


    1. It really is amazing. What I can’t figure out is how he keeps the inside and outside looking amazing!! My yard is always falling apart at the seams.

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