Tybee Island Fish Camp + Social Club

I’d be completely remiss if I didn’t insist that y’all try Tybee Island Fish Camp for a fabulous date night.  It’s owned by the same young couple that run our favorite Tybee Island Social Club.  The menu is small but absolutely out of this world.  I think between Honey and me and Sister and her Mister, we tried most of the menu and every single item was divine.  It’s a tiny little restaurant set inside of a 1950’s cottage and I would definitely recommend reservations.  If I was forced to choose, I think the lobster, shrimp and mushroom risotto was my very favorite.  Sister and I love to get two things and share, so we actually got that and the veggie plate.  Both were divine.








No trip would be complete without a stop at Tybee Island Social Club  .  We enjoyed a wonderful lunch on the porch on the way to the beach one day.  I’m a huge fan of the fish tacos, but have been on to the peach and tomato salad and harvest plate lately.  Sister and I share them, just like at the Fish Camp.





I don’t have nearly as many random scenes from around Some Beach because, while things were all peachy when we were out and about, they were all kinds of crazy when we were at the house.  I really can’t go into all of the details because I’d be here for days, but the poor man across the street from Sister’s house tragically passed away (think flashing lights, detectives, body bags, and black vans).  The next day Sister’s puppy was acting really odd – off balance, lethargic – and so they rushed her to the emergency vet only to find out that she was high.  On pot.  With the munchies and everything.  OMG!!!!!! I can assure you that she didn’t get it from our house and we figure she had to have eaten something when we walked her out to the pier for sunrise.  She had to spend 24-hours in detox at the animal hospital but made a full recovery.  To round out the “odd things happen in threes”, Sister saved CeeCee from choking on a Smartie. I kid you not.  These are the things Honey wants to put on his future blog entitled “Dixie UnDelightful”.  It would probably be a hit.



All in all, we really had a lovely long weekend away with the family.  We didn’t see much of Daddy-O as he was tending to some workers at their house the whole time we were in town.  I have a strict rule of no white after Labor Day (unless in Florida!) and no pumpkin spice anything before Labor Day.  The air is wonderfully crisp in Atlanta today and I’m about to get on making that first cup of PS coffee!!!  It just might be Fall, y’all!


Tybee Island Fish Camp  |  Tybee Island Social Club


15 thoughts on “Tybee Island Fish Camp + Social Club

  1. Oh, my gosh. How upsetting to hear about CeeCee’s scare. :-(
    Praise be to God that Sister knew what to do. And then the sad puppy incident (don’t get me started on the stupidity of people these days ~ it is horrible what they did!) and the sweet neighbor passing away…unreal. So glad you were still able to enjoy a lovely time together. The whole world falls apart when Daddy-O isn’t around!

    1. I know. It was a crazy weekend. I have to hope that whoever left whatever they left had to have done it accidentally. The thing with puppies is that they are like babies – everything goes in their mouth. It was SO SO scary at first that when we found out that she would make a full recovery we actually had to laugh at it. <3 Yes, Daddy-O missed out on a whole lot of crazy! He doesn't do crazy well so it was probably for the best :-)

  2. Oh my goodness! I clicked on through because I was hoping to get another glimpse of Some Beach…but it sounds like a crazy weekend was had by all. Here’s hoping that you have delightful week and that you’ve left the undelightful behind.


    1. I took my camera and tripod but things at the house were nutty. I know y’all are dying for pics and I really want to share!! I think Sister and I need a girls trip :-)

  3. Oh my goodness, the strange things that can happen! ? I’m glad y’all enjoyed your weekend even so.

    Hasn’t the weather been fantastic?! The mornings are just glorious! xo

    1. It was so wonderful in Savannah and even a bit cooler here! I totally enjoyed my walk this morning and first pumpkin spice coffee on the porch. I keep thinking about having another one…

  4. Will you please elaborate on the peach and tomato salad? It sounds interesting and I’d like to try to make something like it at home.

    1. I’ll share as much as I know! It is fresh peaches and tomatoes chopped over a large piece of burrata cheese (kind of like a fresh mozzarella that is similar to ricotta in consistency). It’s very simple and is dressed with only olive oil and a little pesto, and topped with some chopped scallions. They serve it with a large piece of toasted french bread that is delicious to eat it with!

      1. Thank you! That sounds delicious (although my littles will try to eat all the burrata before the rest of us get any!).

  5. I was totally not ready for this post!! Wow!! I did not know that rule about white in Florida and I am a native!! I sadly took my white shoes off after church on Sunday knowing I would not see them again until Easter. Thanks for the info! xoxo

  6. Your husband and my son-in-law should compare notes–when I sent my son-in-law a text to tell him Happy Father’s Day and how much we appreciated him–he sent me back the funniest text about all the things he has survived while being in our family, well mostly at the hand of the three women ( me, his wife and sister-in-law) and how he, my husband and my other son-in-law are fortunate to have made it–LOL–they really are wonderful men, who have survived a lot and the three of us ladies are indeed blessed!! Sounds like you all had an interesting times with great memories with stories to last forever!!

  7. I read your blog frequently (and really enjoy it) but have never commented. The same thing happened to our dog years ago. Got it from my college age brothers hiding spot. The funniest thing was when my poor dad went to pick her up at the vet and they announced for the entire waiting room to hear, Oh that’s the dog that ate all that pot! Dad was mortified, but we laugh about it now.

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