Elsa Tails {The Dog Gets an Elf aka We’ve Taken it Too Far}

Our Elf on the Shelf Scout came back from the North Pole this weekend with…. wait for it… a Dog Elf in tow!!!!!!!!  (We’ve officially lost our minds!)

So, here’s how it all went down.  I saw the St. Bernard “elf pet” and just knew how much Cookie would love it.  Like big puffy heart love it.  And, while it has a wonderful little story that goes along with it (even better than the elf story, actually), I kind of ditched the story and made up that Santa sent an elf for Elsa!!!  Whit bought it hook, line and sinker.  You see, Elsa just might be the naughtiest person in this house so it totally makes sense that Santa would send her very own elf.

The cousins spent the night for Whit’s birthday so I knew it was the perfect time for this little celebration.  A simple breakfast of donuts with Scooby Snacks graham cracker bones and chocolate milk was a crowd pleaser.  I read them the story while they ate – even though it didn’t really go along with the story I made up.  They all agreed that Anna was the best name for Elsa’s elf.

Not to be left out, Santa sent an bone for Elsa’s bowl too.  A real doggy one though.

Speak of the devil, she’s doing really well.  In fact, it’s hard to remember our family before her.  She’s literally the best dog.  She’s as sweet as can be, tolerates all sorts of antics from the boys, and is totally cute.  Everyone said that goldendoodles are smart but I’m going to call them clever over smart.  She is completely untrained…. she never comes when called, she only sits when she SEES a treat in your hands and she “counter surfs” all day long.  She can’t resist shredding a paper towel for longer than 19 seconds.  (How do I know this?!  Because the baby “tests” her at least every other day.)  But that dog is CLEVER.  She knows how to steal food without anyone ever seeing.  She knows to NEVER come near me when I have my shoes on in the house (because that means I’m walking out the door).  She has figured out that the invisible fence keeping her out of the dining room has run out of batteries (like a year ago).  She knows how to turn on the water in the bathtub for a fresh, cool drink.  She sleeps in our bed and on our sofa.  And she is pretty much giving me a run for my money as princess of this house…. dirty little face and all.

So, little Elsa, you need to be on your very best behavior for the next 12 days.  After all, we don’t only have a flying magical elf, but we now have a flying, magical stuffed dog.  Anna is reporting back to Santa every single night.  I’d hate to see a lump of coal under the tree for you come Christmas :-)

And now, I have TWO things to wrench me out of a deep sleep each night after forgetting to move them.  At least they travel together.  I was thinking that John would be old enough to be my partner in crime this year, but he hasn’t uttered a word of disbelief.  Only a raised eyebrow and a few “hmmm… Scout must be trapped in that jar because he hasn’t moved in 3 days” sort of things.


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7 thoughts on “Elsa Tails {The Dog Gets an Elf aka We’ve Taken it Too Far}

  1. Oh Elsa – clever, yes that’s it! My girl is very clever as well (to clever for her own good – and mine). She currently weighs in at 108 pounds and has everyone convinced she’s a lapdog! I just know Elsa will be on her best behavior… until Santa comes and goes.

    Speaking of believers… my 13 year old has uttered nary a word. I think he’s convinced if he doesn’t believe, Santa just might not visit. He’s too scared to risk it! xo

  2. Love this! Such a cute idea to add the Elf-dog. Rosie could probably use one of them…She is trained to a point but if she does not want to come inside when I call her, she just ignores me. Then I have to yell in a very enticing voice, “I’ve got something for you!” or just “Dentastick!” and she comes charging in! Then of course, I have to follow through with the treat so she definitely knows what she is doing! Our elf is a slow mover this year. I have forgotten to move him probably half the times…

  3. I tell our labradoodle Marley that she’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing because she can get something off the counter so stealthily!

  4. Oh how cute! That sweet face. Don’t we forgive them for just about anything? My sweet Dixie looks so much like Elsa accept she is a Wheaten Terrier. We lucked out when we rescued her because she is so good. She doesn’t jump on our bed, bark, and won’t take food off a plate even if one of the boys left it at her level and walked away. I wish I could say it was something we did…but I think she is just intrinsically good. People say dogs live “in the moment” but I think when they’ve been rescued from something awful they understand the gift they’ve been given.
    This year we are so excited for Christmas Eve because, for the first time, Hayden is going to help us with the after bedtime set-up. I’m going to make it a little party. #newtraditions

  5. Great tradition & Elsa is so adorable/kiddos too :) – txs for sharing – always look forward to your daily posts!
    Happy Holidays, Lola xo

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