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Back on John’s birthday we celebrated with our dear friends in our very first visit to Top Golf!  There are two Atlanta area locations, and many more across the country.  Each venue features climate-controlled playing “bays” similar to a bowling lane, but for golf!  The bays have tvs, comfy couches and a yummy food and drink menu that all add to the experience.


We had four kids (ages 7-11) and four adults in our crew and requested adjoining bays – one for the kids and one for the big kids :-)  Everyone had a fabulous time!!  And, best of all, no experience is needed.  This was my first time holding a club since high school and I loved it.



The food was really yummy – we started with a few appetizers and then moved on to dinner.


These two met at age 4 and, while they have never even been to school together and no longer play sports together, they keep the sweetest kind of friendship.


I will say that this isn’t a cheap night out, but it is a whole lot of FUN and perfect for a special occasion!!  We will definitely be back!!

If you go, be sure to check their website for any deals.  When we went they had an extra 20% going on gift cards so we bought one before we left and then used it that evening!!


Top Golf  |  Atlanta


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  1. We found out this week we are getting one not too terribly far from us! I don’t know who was more excited…my husband or my 8 year old! Actually, it was my husband!

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