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As y’all know, CeeCee celebrated turning FOUR earlier in the month.  In addition to a few little things, my family, Mother and Daddy-O treated her to a girls day out at Atlanta’s American Girl Boutique + Bistro!

None of us had ever been in the store before, and boy was it a delight.  We took our time looking at and trying out every doll we could get our hands on to find the one that was just right for CeeCee.  She narrowed it down to these three…

And then chose Camille as her very first American Girl doll!!!  She is part of their new Wellie Wishers collection and is a little smaller than the traditional dolls.  Perfect for a 4 year old!!  CeeCee also had a gift card and was able to get Carrots the bunny and a few outfits.  We got a bit carried away and she also ended up with the high chair :-)  She was such a precious angel through the whole process and seeing her face light up with delight over so many dolls and precious girly things made my day.

After picking out Camille, also known as Shamille, Cashmille, Dolly (who knew Camille was so hard for a little one to say?!) and a whole host of other names we were ready for lunch in the American Girl Bistro.  this is literally just the cutest little cafe you’ve ever seen!!!!  Everything was PINK and perfect.  Our table came with a little box of conversation starters, not that the four of us have ever had trouble striking up the chitter chatter.  Do note that reservations are needed.  We dined on a Monday morning at 11AM when they opened and it wasn’t crowded at all.  I understand it is impossible to get in on the weekends.

The dolls dine right at the table with you in their own little high chair.  CeeCee and her doll were both given birthday stickers as well!

They get a tiny cut and plate as well that you get to bring home.  CeeCee loved letting Shamille drink her tea and then pink lemonade.

The three big girls had their mango spritzer punch type beverage and it was delish!!  CeeCee had pink lemonade.

We found the food to be surprisingly good.  We all had the same thing – spinach artichoke dip for our starter…. (big enough to share if you are wondering or want to get a few different apps for the table)

… and the grilled chicken spinach salad for our main course.  The menu is $16.50 for adults and includes your choice of starter and entree.  Little ones like CeeCee have a Bitty Menu and eat for $7.50.

For dessert CeeCee picked out the decorate your own cupcakes.  She got icing, toppings, a cupcake for herself AND a mini cupcake for Cashmille.  :-)  (we couldn’t get over the names she was calling Camille)

It was the sweetest lunch I think I’ve ever had…

After lunch we headed just upstairs for one ride on the carousel.  I got the honor of going with her :-)  We admired each and every animal but it was the deer that stole her heart.

Note that carousel rides are $2 and they only take cash.  We had to scrape it together and would have been out of luck if we had 2 kids with us.

I love this little lady like my own and am SO thankful for all of the joy, girliness and sweetness that she brings to my life.  I think she was the cherry on top for our entire family.  I look forward to many, many more outings in our future and feel SO very blessed to have these experiences with not just CeeCee but Mother and Sister to boot.  These are the days.


American Girl Boutique + Bistro  |  Around Atlanta

The Atlanta American Girl location is about a 30 minute drive from downtown Atlanta.


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29 thoughts on “Around Atlanta {American Girl Boutique + Bistro}

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I plan to take my own daughter (affectionately known as CeCe as well) for her birthday in June when she turns 6! This was very helpful!

    P. S. So glad your blog is back up! I was in a panic.

    1. Awwww… you will have a wonderful time. 6 seems like the perfect age for the classic doll. Enjoy! Oh, and I’m glad it’s back too. I am moving hosts today and have triple crossed every finger and toe that it goes smoothly.

  2. Thank you for this post – which brought back some very special memories for me. I first took my daughters to the original Chicago Store when we traveled there from California (my husband and son went to Navy Pier). My sweet girls were just 3 & 6 (now 14 and 17). They chose their first dolls on that trip – and became American Girl fanatics for years. I loved the whole thing. Not only are the dolls/clothes adorable, but the American Girl brand promotes courage, kindness, intelligence and other admirable character traits. The books are fantastic! My girls ended up learning about the American Revolution, the frontier, the Great Depression, and other historical times through the books (related to the dolls). Just recently, they said they can still remember things they learned from those stories – even though they are both in high school. American Girl brought years of fun and happiness to our family. I hope it is the same for CeeCee.

    1. I love it all too. I so wish they had been around when I was little. I do remember watching the movies at a bit of an older age but I still loved them!

  3. Thank you for a glimpse into your visit to AG. My oldest had Bitty Baby as her first AG doll….and this week, if she’s on time, the same daughter will have her own real live bitty baby!! We have the AG Bitty Baby ready for some sweet newborn pics! Can’t wait until she is big enough to celebrate at the AG Boutique+Bistro!

  4. My name is Camille and never in a million years did I ever think I would see a doll named Camille. I love the different names CeeCee was calling her. My girls each have a bitty baby and 2 dolls, they are put away now, they are 14 and 17, but the years of joy those dolls brought will never be forgotten.

    1. I LOVE the name Camille too!! It’s been a favorite of mine since I was little. I named one of my cabbage patch dolls Camille and her nickname was Cammie :-)

  5. I will say, I am thankful that the boutique came around AFTER my girls had outgrown the doll phase (and that was in middle school!!!). We would have spent their entire college fund there. They truly are the best dolls. We still have them all and all their accessories. Praying for grandgirls down the road!! She will love that doll for years to come.

    1. Haha… I’m already praying for grandgirls down the road :-) I got my old Barbies out for CeeCee and it’s been so much fun!

  6. Auntie A, you perfectly captured this memorable day with so many darling photos. It reminds me of similar events with my best friend’s daughter. All of you have so much to look forward to. Little girls are such a sweet gift and I bet this day was incredibly joyful, especially for your parents.

    I am swooning over your mother’s sweater jacket (and CeeCee’s outfit!) and loved the video tassel lesson. :-)

  7. Aww Amanda – thanks for sharing! My girls are 17 and 21 and our AG dolls are packed away. So many wonderful memories with them. We’ve been to the New York and Atlanta stores. In New York they used to put on a little play to teach about the historical dolls.

    I love the picture of CeeCee kissing her doll at the table. Just the sweetest.

    Years ago my oldest got the Samantha movie for Christmas. It is such a sweet story and all these years we watch it every Christmas night!

    1. It all just goes so fast! The NY store sounds just fabulous!! I remember the Samantha movie as well – I saw it much older but enjoyed it a lot. xo

  8. So sweet! My mom and I brought my (now 13) daughter for her 5th birthday, I suspect we enjoyed the day more than her…wonderful memories you’ll all cherish for years!

  9. My daughter, now 24, had an American Girl – Samantha (sadly retired). She is packed away in her original box and tissue now, along with her clothes and furniture. I look forward to the day she will hopefully come out to play with a granddaughter. American Girl dolls and their stories are wonderful for girls learning about courage, values, history and family. I’m so glad CeeCee has started on the fun path! A funny side note …. I went to the American Girl store in New York City with some friends a few years ago. All of our girls were grown except for one friend. We had the most fun shopping for her little girl and ended up having to ship two boxes back to South Carolina! Their dining room was gorgeous and featured a harpist! Definitely take CeeCee there when she’s a bit older.

    1. I didn’t have an American Girl – I don’t ever remember seeing the actual doll until years later. BUT I do remember seeing some of their stories on TV and I loved Samantha!! I also always loved Kit. This is going to be a fun adventure. Oh, and now we need to add NYC AG to our CeeCee must-do-one-day list!

  10. Oh how I love this!!! CeeCee is just the most darling baby angel and I always love seeing your posts about all the fun and girly activities y’all do with her. My own little preciousness is about to turn 3 and has a Bitty Baby but would squeal with delight if I took her to the see the big girl dolls. I think we have an American Doll store here in Houston, so seeing how much fun y’all had, taking her is now on my list. :-)

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