Magical Monday {Better When I’m Dancing}

Well, it only took me five months, but I’ve made our trip video from our September trip down to Disney.  I love love love having these so much!!  There’s just something about the joy and happiness you can catch on film that doesn’t always come across in still pictures.

See my original GoPro post for details on our camera and such, as well as a few tips on things I’ve learned about making these videos.

See ya real soon, Disney!


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30 thoughts on “Magical Monday {Better When I’m Dancing}

  1. I agree – there’s just something that video captures. I LOVE how big your smile is in every single frame! xoxo

    1. I know, right?! She has some serious air there. I have laughed at that picture so many times since October 1 :-)

  2. Beautiful–such joy! Made me think back to our family vacations at Disney when our sons were little. Our “littles” are 26 & 28 now. They grow up way too quickly–you’re preserving precious family memories. Well done Amanda!

  3. This is so well done! Something about adding fun music and putting photos into video format just makes it so much more magical! Congrats on the Social Media Moms conference. :)

  4. Love the video! You’ve inspired me to get a GoPro and do this for my family. Question. How do you efficiently lug around the GoPro and a nice DSLR camera in the park? Thanks so much!

    1. I no longer take my DSLR! I use a point and shoot and my iphone about 50/50 AND get the memory maker with my annual pass so their pics are always good. Also, Honey has stepped up his game in helping with photos/video and the boys both like to take turns doing some video as well. You need a lot of little clips from a lot of things so you don’t have to fully video and photograph everything – you have to enjoy being in the moment some too :-)

    1. Thank you!!! That song is one of our faves. You know, one thing I didn’t realize about us until I started doing these videos is that we probably dance more than the normal family :-)

  5. I love that so much!! So fun! And I love the clip of you and Honey dancing. So sweet. And how about the photo bomb of the lady jumping in the air behind y’all?! As always, thanks for taking us along.

  6. Uh.Amanda….so precious! You dancing with your son at the carousel and the last photo literally made me cry…a lot ;) …..thanks for sharing! <3

  7. So precious! I’m seriously racking my brain on how y’all go so much. I feel like my kids can’t get off of school that much.
    And do you mind me asking how far in advance you U plan each of these trips because although I’m a dvc member I can’t ever seem to get in at the times I need. Any tips on that would be so appreciated!?
    Enjoy your time there again!!!

    1. We have 6 weeks off school during the school year – we go back earlier than most but get a lot of breaks. We also take a few days off a few times during the year. Of course we all have to stop that next year. We book dvc anywhere from 11 to 7 months early but I haven’t ever tried under 7 months. I’m never picky where we stay – I just go with what’s open. Hope that helps.

      1. You are beyond sweet to answer my questions! Last one so you can get back to your happy place?…
        Do your points cover all these trips you take each year or do you have to pay for the room on some of the trips? I would never think my points would cover this much that’s why I’m curious. Thanks again! Have a magical time!!!

        1. We have 2 contracts (both via resale). One is larger at Saratoga springs and the other smaller at grand Floridian. We travel in the cheapest times usually. We have also rented points when we need to. Cheaper than paying cash. Hope that helps!

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