Delightful Decor {A Fan of Finials}

I’ve been planning out a series on decor for the blog and am kicking things off with a discussion on finials!  Finials are the the decorative toppers that screw into the top of lamps that use a harp.  I like to think of them as jewelry for the lamp – kind of the finishing touch.  There are tons of options out there and I thought I’d share a few of my favorites.

First, is the Moon & Lola Monogram Finial.  I gave these to a few extra special peeps for Christmas in the classic tortoise finish.  No need for a custom monogram as they take care of fashioning your two letter initial together!  I do love that the AW matches my monogram, though.

I am using this one on the lamp on my antique curio in the den and think it’s the perfect space for this extra special addition.

Another favorite is the Oriental Dolphin Finial.  I have a vintage set on the lamps in my updated master bedroom but these are nearly identical and come at a great price.

You can see that they are dainty and look fabulous atop my lamps!


Another one I have at home and adore is this brass double happiness finial.  I’ve had it for eons, but you can find some fabulous asian-inspired brass finials here.

It has moved all over the place over the years, but is currently quite happy in my den.

Another good source for finials is Ballard Designs.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Designer Lamp Finials

Designer Lamp Finials

Designer Lamp Finials

With that, perhaps I’ve moved a few of you to join me as fans of finials :-)  They are an inexpensive way to add extra charm and personality to any decor style!

It’s back to work for me to day.  Sooooo much to catch up on….


Asian Finials  |  Oriental Dolphin Finials  |  Monogram Finials

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6 thoughts on “Delightful Decor {A Fan of Finials}

  1. I’ll be darned. I just picked up a beautiful blue and white ginger jar lamp last weekend for a steal! I found a harp for it but I wasn’t sure where to get a finial. This is great! Can’t believe I didn’t think of Ballard.

  2. I personally love finials! They’re like jewelry for your lamps! I have had success finding them at Tuesday Morning and Pier One, also. I have to look into that gorgeous monogram finial!

  3. I know this is an old post and I just clicked on it b/c it came up in my sidebar from your post of today. But I just have to say….those Staffordshire doggies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where is the heart symbol on here?

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