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We wrapped up our Christmas extravaganza Friday night at Stone Mountain Christmas.  When we did our weekend camping trip to Stone Mountain in August, our package included second day tickets that could be used through the end of 2016 so we barely eeked it in!

Traffic was terrible getting there on a Friday night and we all were starving so we made a pit stop at Sonic for dinner, which got us there too late to go to the top of the mountain.  Instead, we arrived at 5:40 and immediately secured a great spot for the 6PM parade.

The sun was setting and we had a lovely view of the mountain!

The parade was maybe 10 minutes long and was cute.

After the parade we scooted right into the 4D theater for Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  I could never tire of the story.  It’s so cute!

I think my very favorite part of the night was the Sing-A-Long Train!!  This 20 minute ride around the mountain is spent caroling and stops in the middle for a show called The Gift – the retelling of the birth of Jesus.  We loaded up with hot chocolate and had a very merry time!!

After the train we teed up for a round of mini golf.  It was chilly, but festive with all the Christmas lights and train running by.

We loved watching the magical Snow Angel appearance, snowfall finale and fireworks at the end of the evening.

We made our way out via the Skylights Spectacular musical walk-through exhibit with lights, projections and special effects.

Overall it was a fun night and a worthwhile experience.  It was the best Christmas light experience I’ve been to in Atlanta as well.

If you go:

  • I understand crowds can be crazy so shoot for an “off-night”.  While we were there on a Friday, it was after Christmas and the crowds were light.
  • The parade is short but sweet.  Grab a seat on the curb or within the white lines about 20 minutes before it rolls.  I recommend watching it from in front of the doors to the 4D theater.  Great seats AND then easy entry into the movie, which can build up long wait times.
  • See the movie immediately after the parade!  ^^
  • We waited 20 minutes for a train, which was no problem.  However, they do sell “fast passes” for the train for $3-4 per person if you don’t want to wait or the times are very long.
  • There is only one enclosed car on the train, with the rest being open air.  If you want to sit in the enclosed section, be SURE to request that.  You will need to board the train via the Gate 1.  It was chilly and I was happy to be inside!!
  • The gates for the train board in order.  First everyone in gate 1 is seated.  Then they open gate 2.  And so on…  I mention this because I observed a family not go to gate 1 as instructed because it looked very packed.  Instead, they went to gate 2 thinking they would be first on the train.  They were really put out :-)
  • For the best view of The Gift on the train, you will want to sit on the LEFT side of train when facing forward.  We were on the right and couldn’t see a thing.
  • For the Snow Angel appearance, snowfall and fireworks, the best view of everything is the picnic tables in front of the Tater Twist.  (I highly recommend the Tater Twist too!)  We happened to be sitting there when the crowd gathered and had a good view of everything.
  • There were long lines for all of the food outside of popcorn and hot chocolate.  I also don’t find the food to be anything spectacular, so consider eating dinner before you go and just getting a snack.  There were firepits also with a cart selling s’mores kits.
  • Try to get there early enough to ride to the top of the mountain.  I was sad we were too late, but at least we had just hiked it in August!
  • If you plan to do Stone Mountain Christmas AND Snow Mountain, you definitely need to reserve your Snow Mountain passes in advance.

If you have specific questions, let me know!  I happened to hop on Facebook when we were in the car headed there and this was on my feed…. time flies!

I think this post officially wraps up Christmas for me.  Time to move forward to a brand new year!!


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3 thoughts on “Around Atlanta {Stone Mountain Christmas}

  1. We went to Stone Mountain before Christmas..I think the coldest night in December…and loved it! My littles are grown now and brought dates this year, and we all still enjoy Rudolph.
    Thanks to your bow tutorial, I was finally able to tie pretty bows on all my packages this year. Am loving your videos!
    Happy New Year!

  2. We went to Stone Mountain about 7 years ago and had a blast. Our son was about 5 and loved the the petting area, putt putt and the lazier show. I am thinking we need to go next year for Christmas. Happy New Year!!!

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