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Y’all, there was a day when I could have said with confidence that “I don’t camp.”  Two boys later and I do things every single day that I never thought I would and, quite often, I truly enjoy myself!  When I thought up my 40th birthday bucket list, I listed “do it all at Stone Mountain” as number 7.  I started researching this in January and, before I knew it, had booked a yurt campsite AND convinced bestie M to tag along exploring the park for a weekend.

Stone Mountain is located right here in Atlanta and is “Georgia’s most popular attraction”.  The 3,200 acre park features a variety of family activities and many natural and historical sights.  In the heart of the park is also Georgia’s #1 campground – Stone Mountain Campground.  When I started perusing their site and laid eyes on the yurts, I knew the boys would be in heaven!  We booked our yurts eight months ago and finally, just a couple of weeks ago, spent the weekend away at Stone Mountain.


For the two families, we booked two side-by-side yurts.  Now, what is a yurt, you ask?  It is a circular tent on a collapsible frame that has beds, furniture, AND air conditioning.  We had lovely sweeping views of the lake and Stone Mountain itself that were enjoyable from both the front and back decks.




Inside was a tall vaulted ceiling with sky light, a fan, beds for 5, a rocker and table and chairs.  It was extremely spacious and comfortable.




We had spectacular views of sunrises and sunsets from our little corner of the campground.



The lake was so calm and peaceful.  The littles loved the ducks, and we usually awoke to find the lake peppered with stand up paddle boards, kayaks and fishermen.




We arrived Friday afternoon and stayed until around lunch on Sunday.  We spent Friday night at the campground, went into Stone Mountain Park on Saturday, lounged back at the campsite Saturday afternoon, attended the Laser Show Saturday night, and hiked the mountain Sunday morning.  The littles loved their time at the campsite and were entertained with enos, Pokemon Go, card games, ducks, chase, a scavenger hunt, riding scooters and just hanging out being kids.


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DSC05217 copy

The adults played cards, cooked, talked and relaxed.



As far as meals, we grilled hot dogs and kebobs Friday night, cooked pancakes and bacon Saturday morning, ate in the park Saturday afternoon, ordered pizza Saturday night and devoured all of our leftovers Sunday morning.  One of the highlights was roasting marshmallows and making campfire cones.  And yes, I brought a Keurig.  A girl’s gotta have her coffee.  I thought we ate pretty well for camping!








As far as the rest of the campground, everything was well run and VERY clean.  There was a General Store for basic supplies, a pavilion with a complimentary breakfast social on the weekend, a nice pool, volleyball courts and a playground.




If you go:

  • Yurts are a fantastic way to stay!  They easily sleep 5 and all you need to bring is your sheets (or sleeping bags) and pillows.  They are very clean and comfortable.  Yurts come with a fire pit and charcoal grill.  Of course, you will need wood, charcoal, food and all of that stuff.
  • Yurt site 1 is the best.  It is perched right on the corner with sweeping views of the lake.  You reserve your site when booking.  Yurt site 2 does have the best concrete pad, as it is handicap accessible.  If going with others, I would definitely try for Yurts 1 and 2 for the best of both worlds.
  • There are only 6 yurts – book early!
  • We did the Stay and Play package which included 2 nights in the Yurt, four 2-day park tickets (don’t have to be used consecutive days so we will go back this fall or winter!), four slushies and a bundle of firewood.  When it was all said and done, our total was around $325.  Park tickets alone for two days would have run us around $235.
  • The yurts do not have bathrooms.  There are comfort stations available and, while they are VERY clean, they are extremely hot.  Yurts 1 and 2 are the farthest walk to the bathroom, but still not far.
  • If you are looking for a campsite for a tent, number 69 looked amazing.  It was right below us and more private than most.  It had great views of the lake and Stone Mountain.
  • If not having a bathroom is not acceptable, they were just finishing a handful of RVs that will begin renting next week.  They sleep 4, have TV, a kitchen and a bathroom.
  • There is a bus that runs to the laser show from the campground.  This would be a fantastic way to get there.  We wished we had taken it.
  • Garbage picks up every day.

There is really so much to do here and we absolutely enjoyed our stay – lack of bathrooms aside :-)  I felt like a weekend was the perfect amount of time. By Sunday at lunch I was pretty much ready for a shower and the creature comforts of home.


I feel sure this was an adventure the littles will not soon forget.  These are the days…



Around Atlanta

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Adventure Hunt Free Printable  |  All Free Printables

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14 thoughts on “Around Atlanta {Stone Mountain Campground}

  1. We camped in a yurt years ago (Ryan was one) at Bobby Brown State Park and it is SO much better than tent camping! We’ve never camped at Stone Mountain – the views look absolutely lovely! So glad you had a great time! xo

  2. This looks like lots of fun! We will be heading to Atlanta for Thanksgiving for a little vacation. Your posts have been a big inspiration for finding fun things to do while we’re there. Would you recommend using a day of our trip to see Stone Mountain Park while we’re there? Thanks for any advice!

  3. There is a lake in California near Santa Barbara where they have yurts. Well, I should say there “used to be a lake” because it is about 95% dry due to the extreme drought California has been suffering. We had a camping themed birthday party for two of my three kids a few years back (their birthdays are 2 weeks apart). We stayed in a yurt and other friends brought tents. It was a blast! Yurts are fantastic.
    Your vacay looks like it was a wonderful adventure. Like everything you do, it was super cute. Where did you find the camping-themed coffee cup sleeves??? I adore those!
    Best & Bisous,
    Michelle from Simply Santa Barbara

    1. That happened here in Atlanta few years ago too. That sounds like an amazing birthday party!! I made the coffee sleeves – I’ll post a template soon. xo

  4. Congratulations on your successful adventure! You are a brave woman and deserve a badge! I have always wondered about staying in a yurt and love the idea of air conditioning! ;-) Did you sleep well? Please tell us about the adorable coffee sleeves and if you brought your own hammocks. You are too darn cute with the bunting, pinwheels and Keurig! They can take the girl out of her comfort zone but they can’t take away her charm!!

  5. We went to Stone Mountain around Halloween when I was 10 years old (from Colorado) and they had fun ghost stories, awesome decorations and I still remember loving it to this day! One of my favorite Halloweens as a kid! I tried to bring back “Boo, y’all!” out west but it didn’t really catch on ?

  6. I do not camp either but we do travel to the beach at Christmas. While there we play dominos with our older adult children. Seeing the photo of your card game made me think of the game called “kings on the corner” that my MIL taught my kids when they were little. ONE part of the game no one can remember is the numbers of cards to deal out to start the game. If you were playing that game could you share the basic start? PS I was a Zeta at LSU back I the late 60s.

    1. Yes, this is Kings on the Corner!! Bestie M learned it from her grandparents. We had 4 people and you each start with 5 cards. Such a fun game!

  7. This post could not of come at a more perfect time. Our extended family is planning a camping trip to Stone Mountain in the next year or two. I’ll definitely be staying in one of those air conditioned tents. Thanks for sharing.

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