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Our Stone Mountain Stay + Play package included two day park tickets to Stone Mountain Park.  This gives access to everything  but Ride the Ducks.  After a leisurely breakfast at camp, we got to the park around 10:30 on Saturday and had a delightful day exploring!!  It’s hard to believe this is right here in Atlanta and we’d never done it.

The SkyHike is an adventure ropes course and was the perfect difficulty for our littles.  The adults did the course once and then the littles stayed on this for at least an hour!   There is also a rock climbing wall in this area.


The Yogi Bear 4-D Adventure is a cute and entertaining film and a great respite from the heat.  Save this one for the afternoon.  This picture was right before the movie started and I said “Honey, my 3D glasses aren’t working.”  He let me know I was wearing my sunglasses, not my 3Ds.


We paused for lunch at Base Camp BBQ, which was decent, but the real winners were this Tater Twist and the Funnel Cakes.  Mmmmm…..


The Scenic Railroad is a 1940’s train that circles the base of the mountain.  There was a nice breeze and they had some interesting facts about Stone Mountain’s early years playing on little video screens.







The Great Locomotive Chase was a favorite for the littles and adults alike.  Who doesn’t love a good round of mini golf?!





We wrapped up our afternoon at Geyser Towers.  The littles had a wonderful time getting soaking wet in the rope bridge and net tunnels – all set atop a gushing geyser!


We skipped the Summit Skyride because we knew we were hiking the mountain the following morning.  I also regret that we had to skip the Historic Square and Farmyard that give an authentic look at daily life during the revolutionary period.  I really think John would have loved to see this since he’s learning about it in school AND we are watching Gone with the Wind.  But, we were tired, hot and wet so we will have to catch it next time.


In addition to the park area, there are miles and miles of gorgeous scenery.  You will see loads of people jogging, walking and biking.


We headed back Saturday night for the 9:30 Lasershow Spectacular in Mountainvision.  Honey and I had one of our first dates at the Lasershow in 1998 the night before my ZTA formal!  It hasn’t changed much, but was still enjoyable.  A great nod to the history of Stone Mountain and the Civil War heroes depicted on its side (Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis and Stonewall Jackson).







On Sunday morning, we ate breakfast and headed to the mountain walking trail.  It was not easy!  The terrain was completely made of rock (granite) and was extremely steep in places.  Coming down was actually harder than going up.  But, we made it to the top and had sweeping views of Atlanta to enjoy.  On the way up, I loved reading the carvings – I always find it fascinating to think about all of those that have come before us.








If you go:

  • Closed toe shoes are needed for the ropes course and Geyser Towers.  Crocs would have been GREAT!
  • Buy the refillable mug.  It’s $9 for the first one and $5 for the second.  Refills are all free on the day of purchase and then .99 for the rest of the year.  There is a Coke Freestyle machine you can use for refills too.
  • One day is sufficient to do it all.
  • Get to the laser show about an hour early and scope out a spot near the main sidewalk on the right side when facing the mountain for easy exit.  Take a picnic blanket.  Coolers are allowed, but no alcohol.  We just brought our refillable mugs and snacked on Funnel cakes :-)  Bring glow sticks because your kids will beg for them.
  • The hike to the top of the mountain was not easy (hard on the knees).  There are also sky buckets that will take you there.

We had a lot of fun and are really looking forward to going back later this year for fall or Christmas on our second day tickets.


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4 thoughts on “Around Atlanta {Stone Mountain Park}

  1. We haven’t been to Stone Mountain in years other than to take the boys to the Laser Show a few years ago. I still loved it as much as I always have… sadly, they were less than impressed.

    I had no idea there was so much there these day! I’d love to go at Christmas.

  2. You deserve more than ONE badge…you should have the whole sash! Stone Mountain looks very quaint and peaceful and it’s great to learn about it. I saw the post that links back to when you took John in the snow. Did he remember being there? What a sweet place to make memories.

  3. Hi Amanda. We love Stone Mountain and usually take a camping trip each fall. We typically get one of the tent spaces near the lake. You can imagine how pretty the view is with all the trees glowing vibrant fall colors. If you get the chance when you go back, hike the Cherokee course. It’s our favorite. Also, the restaurant that has a camping theme (can’t remember name) was actually pretty tasty. My son loved the fact that they throw rolls to you. Have a great week!

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