Adventure Hunt {Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Free Printable}

Last fall our family spent a weekend camping at Stone Mountain with our besties the B family!  It was SO much fun and one of the activities we brought along to occupy our crew of kids was an outdoor adventure hunt.  I created custom versions for our trip and the kids loved it.

DSC05217 copy

I did one in pink for the sole girl in our group and the rest in blue for the boys.


Well, pretty much for the last year I’ve been meaning to share this free printable version that does not have the Stone Mountain label at the top.


You can right click on the pictures below to save them to your computer and then print as many as your heart desires!  If you have trouble with it, let me know.

AdventureHuntPink AdventureHuntBlue

If you’re looking for a personalized version, I do have those in the Dixie Delights Shop!

This talk of camping has me realizing that I have not made good on my “one camping trip a year” promise in 2017.  I won’t tell if you don’t tell.  :-)


Free Printables

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