CeeCee Style {Ice Cream Date in Matilda Jane}

I had the great pleasure of joining Sister and CeeCee on a little ice cream date at Jeni’s last week!  Even though we live just a few minutes from each other, it is still hard to find the time to just hang out and do nothing.

We perched ourselves at an outdoor picnic table and talked and ate and laughed and really had a grand old time.  Sister and I had the salted caramel ice cream and it was ah-mazing!  CeeCee only had eyes for “the purple ice cream”, caring not what flavor it might be.

One of my sweet blog readers and former Savannahian, Annaliza Rogers, is a Matilda Jane trunk keeper and let CeeCee pick an outfit from their current The Adventure Begins line.  I have shared all sorts of sources for boy clothes over the years, so this was a unique opportunity to share something for you girl moms and grandmas :-)

CeeCee already has a few Matilda Jane pieces in her closet and Sister was really excited for the opportunity to promote them.  She asked me to pass along a few reasons why she loves MJ…

  • They wash well and have enough life in them to pass along to siblings and friends.
  • They have fabulous colors that are perfect for family photos.  She said this is one of her go-to lines because she can easily pick colors out of them to coordinate with big brother.
  • They are comfy and easy to wear and CUTE as can be.  This is her #1 go-to line for school.
  • Many of them can be worn year round by adding a long sleeved shirt and cute ruffled legging underneath when it gets cooler.  And, they last longer than other brands because this year’s dress length is next year’s tunic length!

I hope I covered all the bases there, Sister :-)

I had to share this pic with y’all.  CeeCee has loved shoes since she could first talk.  In fact, I think shoes was one of her first words.  She rides around in the car with a whole lot of different options – I kid you not.  So, it’s no surprise that she had to model her outfit with two different shoe options.

There are new releases the first of each month (except January and July) and everything coordinates with previously released items from that season.  As far as ordering, Sister also asked me to share that it used to be hard to order MJ clothing and knows that was a turn-off for some.  It is now really easy to browse the current line and order online at Matilda Jane!   I checked with Annaliza about Easter timing and she provided me with this info:

If you have any questions at all or would like to browse the line or even order, you can order directly through the site or contact Annaliza:

Annaliza Rogers
Matilda Jane Online Trunk
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Group (news, specials + photos)


I am so thankful that Sister lets me “share” CeeCee.  We always get a kick out of people thinking that she’s actually mine :-)


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3 thoughts on “CeeCee Style {Ice Cream Date in Matilda Jane}

  1. What a fun way to spend the afternoon! CeeCee is always nothing short of adorable! ?xo

  2. CeeCee is precious modeling her latest outfit. Never too early, I say to become a ‘shoe-holic’. So great that you and your sister live so close to each other and can enjoy fun times together.

  3. Matilda Jane (as well as Vera Bradley) is made and based in my hometown, Fort Wayne, IN! I loved to dress my daughter in it as well and MJ has really cute pieces for moms as well. Lots of ruffles!

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