She’s Ready to POP {A Coca-Cola Office Baby Shower}

When my manager asked me to coordinate the baby shower planning for one of my teammates I thought I’d hit the project lotto at work :-)  (If only this had taken the place of something else on the actual list.  HA!)  Sitting in the world headquarters of The Coca-Cola Company, the first thing that came to mind was going with what we know and embracing a Coca-Cola themed event!!

Since things at the office don’t happen if they aren’t on the outlook calendar, I only printed a couple of these for the baby book.  For the invitees we simply attached the image to the calendar invitation.

I had two co-planners and we divvied up the things that needed to be brought in the day of.  Now, keep in mind that we were stuck in your typical 1990 conference room with poor lighting, no windows, things like projectors nearly bolted to the table, and cloth rolling chairs.  This was an exercise in making do with what you have.  A wrapping paper table cover was a much better option than an actual table cloth given the odd sized table proportions.  I picked up balloons the night before (but only half of them made it to the next morning), made a small flower arrangement for the mommy-to-be to take home afterwards, and set up the essentials in two vintage Coke crates.

Events like this around Coke are usually drop in and people mostly stand, chat, enjoy a treat and then head off to their next meeting.  Coke floats and cake were the perfect solution and are a rare treat, even on North Avenue!

Instead of a coordinated game, we opted for a simple guessing game.  People always seem to enjoy these and you should have seen some of the guesses coming in for the name.

I wanted to share these simple ideas because I know that planning little things like this at work happen frequently between new babies, weddings, retirements and even send-offs to new jobs.  It was such a fun little hour break in the typical work day.

For the gift, we collected money ahead of time and were able to give her a generous gift card.  Baby O has now safely arrived and mommy is home enjoying him for a couple more months!!



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3 thoughts on “She’s Ready to POP {A Coca-Cola Office Baby Shower}

  1. What a fun set up! (Why hasn’t anyone ever thought of using red for a baby shower?!) My husband LOVES Coke floats (so much, in fact, that when asked to submit a recipe for a non-alcoholic drink guide a few years ago, he gave very detailed “instructions” for making one!) There truly is an art to it.

    Thanks so much for your terrific and easy idea! I am to serve these at a pool party this summer. :-)

  2. So fun! Honestly my work baby shower and the one my husband’s work threw for us are
    Some of my happiest memories when we were expecting our first! So sweet and special when people you work with make that thoughtful and generous effort!

    We are in ATL this weekend and are heading to World of Coke tomorrow for the first time! We let my oldest have her first Coke recently and she’s obsessed, so we thought it would be something fun to do. I was glad to have your old post about it to re-read. :)

    1. Awww. I agree – my work baby shower was one of the most memorable too! I hope y’all enjoyed the World of Coke!

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