Daily Delight {How to Hang Sweaters}

A few weeks ago when Mother was in town I was doing laundry and hanging my sweaters and she remarked that she’d never seen anything like it!  So… I thought I’d share this super simple tip on how I hang the sweaters in my closet.  I have more closet space than drawer space, and this method keeps the hangers from poking out the edges of the sleeves on the sweater, if you know what I mean.


If you have any closet organization tips or tricks I’d love to hear them!

I’m headed to the doctor this morning to get my knee checked out and then it is off to work.  Heigh hoooooooo!


Daily Delight Video Series


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10 thoughts on “Daily Delight {How to Hang Sweaters}

  1. wow! i never thought of hanging sweaters that way! so unique! i will try it out this weekend. i always worry about my sweaters getting stretched out when i hang them but i need to hang them or else i completely forget about them when they’re in a drawer! out of sight out of mind haha! love ur little video! u should do more of those!

    1. oh! and for my closet tips- i use velvet hangers so i can hang more clothes ha!! you can get a bulk of them at tjmaxx or homegoods. i also color code!

  2. I use kid sized felt hangers from Home Goods. I can use them like normal and there are no stretch marks on the arms, I’m petite and the girls size fit all my shirts/sweaters pefectly! :) :)

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