Lori’s Lentil Bruschetta

My fun friend Lori is also a fabulous cook.  Like… an I’ve-never-eaten-anything-even-remotely-bad-at-her-house kind of cook.  HA!  She seems to just create her own recipes, while I am the person that triple checks every ingredient and measurement while cooking.  She whipped this lentil bruschetta type dip up a couple of months ago and I’ve been hooked ever since.  It is a staple in our fridge and all four of us love it.  It’s filling, healthy and easy.

Lori’s Lentil Bruschetta
box of steamed lentils (Trader Joe’s)
bag of grape tomatos (you cannot beat Marzano Heavenly’s)
fresh chopped basil (I use 2/3 of this package in mine)
fresh minced garlic (I use 4 cloves)
olive oil (to taste, I just drizzle because it doesn’t need much)
salt and pepper (to taste)

Start with the lentils in a large bowl.  You will need to use a fork to break them up as they come pressed together into one large brick at Trader Joe’s.  Quarter the tomatoes and then add the basil, garlic, salt and pepper.  Drizzle with olive oil and mix well.

Lori serves with the Stacey’s pita chips, but I like the Town House sea salt pita crackers (on the cracker aisle) because there aren’t as many broken pieces in the box and they are a fair amount cheaper.  That’s it!

As I was writing this I got the most amazing text – lacrosse game is cancelled today!!!!!!!  Wahooo!!!!!!!!!!!  (Don’t tell me if this makes me a terrible mom.)  So now our agenda consists of lounge clothes, a lazy lunch, maybe watching Moana again, cleaning out under the guest bed, and then a birthday dinner out at … wait for it… LORI’S HOUSE!!!!!!!  Her husband, son and I had birthdays March 8, 9 and 10 so she’s cooking with Honey as her sous chef!



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7 thoughts on “Lori’s Lentil Bruschetta

  1. This dip sounds absolutely delicious – and so easy!

    I’d say your new-and-improved plans are JUST the thing for this rainy, cold Sunday. Enjoy! xo

  2. Sending thanks to you and Lori for this healthy, easy snack recipe! I will be trying it this week and am thinking it will be good with grilled chicken. Have a fun dinner and enjoy St. Patrick’s Day!

  3. I may be tossing in some chopped green and/or black olives with a little fresh parsley … but that might be too much work! ;-)

  4. SO get the joy at the cancelled game! Sometimes it is just so nice. Happy birthday, glad you got a break from the universe! :)

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