National Cereal Day AKA Easiest Breakfast Party Ever

I looooove a good everyday celebration!!  So when a box of happiness arrived from General Mills last week to get us geared up for National Cereal Day toady I was ON IT.

I get asked a lot how I pull together a fun breakfast before the bus.  The key is setting everything up the night before!  As soon as I clear away the supper I set it for the next day’s breakfast.  For today’s little event I had everything on the table, the milk poured in the jar in the fridge, the k cups and sprinkles out for the hot chocolate, and the cereal box on the table to be poured.  In the time it took me to brew the two cups of hot chocolate I had everything else ready to go AND took pictures.

When the littles came down they were thrilled.  It really doesn’t take much to make a kid’s day and it feels so good to send them off to school feeling happy, special and loved <3

After they were gone, I made my coffee and settled in for MY bowl of cereal.  I’ll be honest, cereal for supper is actually my fave but since everything was out I went with it.

Can you even believe this DARLING spoon General Mills included in my box?!

So, I turn my head for a split second and this happens…  the down side of blogging your breakfast, I suppose.  Oh, Elsa.

Happy National Cereal Day… what would we do without you?!

On my list for today’s 40 bags in 40 days is the dining room.  I thought this would be easy peasy when I put it on the list, but during yesterday’s living room project it became crystal clear just how much junk you can hide in a drawer in the span of 8 years.

Now, before I go, if y’all could join me in a little rain dance that would be greatly appreciated.  John has lax practice and Whit’s team is attending the varsity lax game and I’d much rather have all my chicks home eating cereal and watching Moana this Tuesday.  (insert laugh till you cry emoji here)


General Mills  |  Monogram Mugs


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9 thoughts on “National Cereal Day AKA Easiest Breakfast Party Ever

  1. So we know your special breakfast secret. Thanks for sharing! What’s your secret for special dinners on nights filled with homework and activities? How do you balance it all?

    1. The same sort of thing for dinners – make everything that I can ahead of time. AND, knowing what I can’t do – for example last Tuesday I just didn’t have time to make a Fat Tuesday meal from scratch so I bought a few boxes of red beans and rice and made a make shift King Cake and called it a day. The littles didn’t think ANYTHING of the fact that dinner took a total of 30 minutes and cost about $15 from start to finish. Instead, they LOVED the celebration of it all. I’ll try to put together more cohesive thoughts soon on this!!! xo

  2. My littlest and I are having a lazy morning watching Moana this morning. He is ENTHRALLED and has admitted he’d like to meet her next time we’re in WDW. From a self-proclaimed princess hater, that’s pretty big. What a good movie!

    1. It really is! I went out and picked it up at Target today. I almost preordered but so glad I didn’t! It was $22 with 5% off for the blue ray, DVD, digital!

  3. I’ll do a rain dance for you today if you’ll do one for me Thursday – the one night a week I watch TV is standing baseball practice. I DVR, but it’s just not the same.

    You’re the MOST fun mama! I love how you embrace making everyday a celebration! xoxo

    1. It rained a tiny bit but not sure enough to cancel. Can I get a downpour in the next 10 minutes, please?!

    2. Doing my rain dance for ya. It didn’t pan out for me Tuesday. We had a huge downpour exactly 10 minutes before practice ended so I still sat there for almost 2 hours and then I had drenched rats climbing in my car with wet gear. HAHA!!!

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