St. Patrick’s Day Door

St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays.  It seems like things are just starting to turn green this time of the year and it reminds me so much of home sweet home in Savannah.

Just so y’all can see what real-ish life actually looks like around here…  this is one of a thousand “oh, elsa” moments in any given day.  How do people get their dogs to sit and pose sweetly for pictures?!  Mine just likes to tear through the middle of my shots.

I don’t do much inside, other than my kitchen table, but I always love to have a festive welcome for every holiday outside.

When I painted the door blue my one hesitation was how it would look with all of my holiday door decorations.  I think it holds up pretty well.  Now, if I could get Honey to change the paint each month (think red for Christmas, pink for Valentine’s and dark green for St. Pats) that would be excellent.  He’ll be cursing me when he catches up on the blog Monday morning.  But you have to admit, it’s a swell idea :-)

The shamrock is by Bronwyn Hanahan.  You can see that my rosemary is doing great in these pots!!  It smells wonderful every time I open the door.  I planted these in spare pots that used to flank my garden so that I could put ferns back out here ASAP.

I’ve had the little bunting for years and it is on its last leg.  I didn’t realize it had a few tears in it (see right at the bottom where the white meets the orange) until it was too late to replace.  I ordered TWO new ones just like it for next year while it was on my mind.  They are in the 18×36″ size and I will hang two of them side by side {Irish Flag Bunting}.  This one is also 18×36 to give you a frame of reference.

The dogs were dressed up with a couple of green ribbons as well.  Unlike their sister, they are very well behaved.  HA!

On the friends entry I have a DIY Shamrock door hanger that Mother and I made eons ago.  I hang this one with a suction cup hook.

I’m super sad that we weren’t able to travel down to Savannah this weekend for my birthday :-(  Both boys had lacrosse games, John’s bestie’s birthday party is tonight and, most importantly, Whit is out of “unexcused” absences from PSR in order to still make his First Communion in May.  Sooooo, I have some fun things planned for this week at home including creme de menthe brownies, shamrock hot chocolate and shepards pie!!


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8 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Door

  1. Hi Amanda! I wonder if anyone sells custom-made, removable door stickers in solid colours. You could order some in any festive colours that you wished AND keep Honey happy at the same time. Win-win!

  2. I love having a fun and festive front door – I adore your St. Patrick’s Day decor! ☘️ xo

  3. That’s too bad that you aren’t heading “home” for your birthday, but I know it will still be an extra special time of celebration. Speaking of front door decorating…. Years ago in an issue of Yankee Magazine, I read about a woman who painted out her door every month. I can’t remember in which New England state she lived, but she had become quite a celebrity. Her home flanked the town green and locals would eagerly anticipate what the decorating would entail. And, she did paint out the entire door along with adding seasonally appropriate embellishment. I never forgot this story as I was pretty amazed at all she would do. (I think she was an artist by education.) Would she stay up late the last night, carry on her artistry during the first day of the month, or need a few days time? I always wondered about the difficulty , the planning and logistics of her creativity!

    1. It seems like a fabulous idea!! I mean, paint is one of the cheapest decorative things you can do and it makes the biggest impact. I do think you’d have to spend time sanding it down each month because all those paint layers would really add up. Anyhoo…. I’m not actually going to DO this, but it would be really fun, right?!

    2. That woman was Lucy Pfeiffer who lived in a beautiful older home in Stratford, CT. She painted her front door a few times a year. Sadly, Lucy passed away last year at the age of 87. Our families have been friends for 50 plus years.

      1. I am so intrigued by this story and just can’t believe what a small world it is. I think its incredible that you are family friends!! If either of you have a picture of one of her doors I would love to see!!!

  4. Nothing like First Communion to help you have perfect (or near perfect) PSR attendance! We have never been so diligent about PSR as we are this year. Haha! It also helps that my four year old is old enough to go now too.

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