Good Friday

I just wanted to pop in and say that I hope y’all have a wonderful Easter weekend.  Daddy-O is having knee replacement surgery this morning and if you have a prayer or kind thought to spare, I would be grateful <3

Happy, happy Easter!



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21 thoughts on “Good Friday

  1. Sending Easter Blessings to your sweet family and get well wishes to your father from Canada. So enjoy reading your blog!

  2. Happy, Happy Easter wishes back to you!
    Prayers and well wishes to your Daddy-O today. I pray that he has a successful surgery and his recovery is speedy.

  3. Wishing you a most beautiful and blessed Easter, Amanda. Will pray in a special way for your dad’s surgery and recovery at the Good Friday service tonight. (Will also pray the Blessed Mother wrap him in her loving mantle).
    Have a fabulous Easter! Elizabeth :)

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment – the Blessed Mother is special to Daddy-O, and I will convey it to him.
      Best, Marme

  4. May God bless your family, and all of my fellow readers, on this sacred weekend, Amanda. I will pray for your very special Daddy-O and please give my kindest regards to your mother. Soon, with recovery, he will be like a spring chicken again. :-) He is very brave and strong and I send warm wishes and comfort during this time.
    May Easter bring renewed health, hope and spirit to you and this world. <3

  5. On a lighter note, please thank your mother for the darling bracelets. I like to think of her making them in her lovely home and having a bit of Tybee on my wrist. :-) Her tassels and details are perfect and I truly hope to be able to meet her one of these days. XOXO

  6. Just now reading this so I said a quick prayer for an easy recovery for your dad and comfort for any pain as he goes through rehab.

  7. Praying all goes well for your sweet dad! I hear that surgery is not for sissies!! Know he will be receiving the best of care from your mom! Happy Easter!

  8. Prayers not only for Daddy-O, the surgical team but also for your mom, who will be the caregiver and so instrumental in his recovery. Often the caregivers are forgotten…but not in this case.

  9. Have a very blessed and Happy Easter. Prayers for your Dad. Please keep us posted on his recovery. Keep on blogging! I LOVE your blog! Thank you for sharing!

  10. I’m so happy your DaddyO is doing well! The protocols for anesthesia and pain management for knee replacements are so much better over the last few years, but you’re still better off letting your parents get home and rest. My hubs just had his first hip replacement after THREE knee replacements and a total of 14 orthopedic surgeries (such a long story…) and is doing great, but I will say long visits from the grands wore him out the first couple of weeks.
    Focus on getting him to Whit’s big day in May. He’s got to work hard on the physical therapy! God bless your sweet family and Happy Easter!

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