How I Painted the Dogs

Before you go any further, know that no live animals were harmed in the “painting of the dogs.”  Not even this girl who tried her best to run away with my paint brush.  :-)

Y’all were SO sweet to gush over the dog’s new do when I shared our updated foyer!  I was really unsure how the project would turn out but had nothing to lose since I never found a good place for the pups in the year I had them.

They started out a vibrant blue and were really lovely.  I just only have this shade of blue in one room of my house and I could only use so many decorative accessories in one place, ya know?!  And, I have that thing about me where I like things to match…

Sooooo…. I got a wild hair and decided to just paint them!!  I had already matched this Folk Art Sky Blue color to my fabric and it was practically begging for a project.

Here’s how I did it.  I feel like this process would work with painting anything ceramic.

  1. Gave the pups a good wipe down with a damp paper towel and then thoroughly dried them.
  2. Starting with the top left ear and working my way across and down to finish with the tail, I used a tiny paint brush to paint directly over the spots and stars and a slightly larger paint brush to paint the ears and tail.  I did not touch the face or gold collar / leash.
  3. After it dried (which was almost immediately) I touched up a few spots on the ears and tail.
  4. After all of that dried (say 15 minutes) it was too matte looking.  Being one that likes a project done approximately 2 minutes after starting a project AND someone who hates to have to go to the store in the middle of the project, I tore through my craft supplies to see what I had.  I settled on a gloss finish mod podge.  Using the same two paint brushes, I gave the dogs a generous topping of the glossy finish. I ONLY did this on the newly painted parts, not on the whole dog.

They turned out so much better than I ever imagined and I adore them in their new color.  The beauty of it all is that I now know I can always paint them back should my taste change down the road.

To see the entire room reveal, check HERE.  I also shared 4 simple ways to update your entry HERE!

I know this was a rather unconventional way to get to the end result but, hey, whatever works.  It didn’t cost me a dime, the whole thing took well under an hour from start to finish, and they make me smile every time I breeze through the foyer!  I’d call that a success!


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The Delightful Home {Spring Foyer}

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13 thoughts on “How I Painted the Dogs

  1. Amanda, thanks for sharing! I had never even thought to paint them. Now I no longer need to look for a specific color on the dogs, I can always paint them the color I want!!

    BTW, I love the warm weather update to the foyer! As much as I love the original ruffled table covering, I really am in love with this blue one!

    Have a blessed day!

  2. Thank you for sharing this easy transition. Would have never thought it could change something so dramatically with a brush stroke. And you know what they say, ‘Paint can change the look of a room.’ Totally agree!

  3. If you should ever want to return them to the original color, you won’t have to repaint them if they are ceramic. The acrylic paint and mod podge should wash right off.

  4. They look fantastic! Did The Pink Clutch need smelling salts?!
    I have been wanting to paint an antique printer’s case for eons and may just go for it now. Thanks for inspiration to make it my way! :-)

  5. Ok I know this is last year’s post but I’m DYING to get my hands on a pair of these pups and I totally remembered this post and how you painted them! With that said, I know color isn’t an option if I find some. Where did you find these little guys? I”m wondering if I should antique browse or take a chance on Ebay where they’re a tad higher in price? Thank you! As always, love your home! xoxo

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