Letters from Camp

Last Spring bestie E asked me to design note cards for her girls to pack in their trunks, in hopes of receiving loads of letters home from camp.  I got them done so last minute that I didn’t have time to even share with y’all.

I have girl and boy designs and can do matching personalized pens for all of them.  The cards are flat and come with plain white envelopes.  I think if my boys were campers I’d have to go on and address and stamp them to myself.  HA!  These are available in the Dixie Delights Shop under stationery.

Am I the only one that feels like the years just rush by?  It seems like school started yesterday and here we are talking about summer camp!!


Dixie Delights Shop


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6 thoughts on “Letters from Camp

  1. It’s not just you, it’s going way too fast. It just occurred to me last week that Spring Break came and went and I still don’t know what the kids are doing for the summer. Eek! Better get cracking on those camp plans!

  2. I still address all of my daughters envelopes to myself and other family members and she’s 14! Very cute designs.

  3. When I sorted all of my dear mother’s things, I found that she had saved all of our camp letters. No surprise there. God bless her. I remember being so excited to send letters home….it seemed so far away! One of my letters was on my cherished Girl Scout stationary. I would have LOVED these! :-)

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