Easy DIY Tsum Tsum Recital Bouquet

CeeCee had her first recital last weekend with Atlanta Ballet and I was on a mission to come up with something she’d love just as much as the DIY Hello Kitty bouquet I made her last year.

After years of making things for and with boys, it sure is fun to have a little girly girl to craft for.  She absolutely adores tsum tsums and is more drawn to critters than dolls.  I wandered the aisles of Target considering the different tsum tsum options (tiny collectible figurines, key chains, lip smackers, etc.) but when I came across the mini plush Marie (from Aristocats) I knew she’d love it.

Here’s how I did it:

  • Purchased a mixed floral bouquet from Trader Joe’s.  I knew she’d love all of the colors!
  • Tightly wrapped a pipe cleaner around the base of the mini plush tsum tsum, leaving a long piece of the pipe cleaner to act as a “stem” for when I put the bouquet together.
  • Took the flowers apart.
  • I started with the tsum tsum in the center and then I arranged the flowers from the bouquet around it.  I didn’t use all of the flowers.  I wanted it to be small enough for her tiny hand.
  • Once I was happy with the arrangement I used another pipe cleaner to tightly hold everything together.  I cut the stems down to be only about 6″ long and even on the bottom.
  • I tied a thick pink ribbon around it to cover the pipe cleaner.

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Sadly I wasn’t able to attend her recital because I opened my home for my neighborhood tour of homes.  It was at the exact same time that her recital was starting.  Sister did send me a whole bunch of pictures and Sister and Mother both said she did beautifully and was very comfortable on stage.

She came over after so I got to see her in her costume and had a little private showing of some of her dance.  She’s such a precious angel and I’m so thankful to “share” her with Sister :-)  I love that long after the flowers have wilted she will still have the Marie tsum tsum as a little memento of her recital.


Mini Plush Tsum Tsums  |  Marie Mini Plush Tsum Tsum

Hello Kitty Recital Bouquet DIY

CLICK TO TWEET: The cutest DIY Tsum Tsum Recital Bouquet @_DixieDelights_ #recital #diy #tsumtsum #disneyside http://bit.ly/2qM5lQa


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5 thoughts on “Easy DIY Tsum Tsum Recital Bouquet

  1. Bravo! Bravo! Encore! This is all delightfully girly and what a pretty, teeny ballerina! This must bring back such joyful memories to your parents. :-)

  2. I love this so much!! My little precious (3yr old) has her first ballet recital this Saturday so I am going to do this exact bouquet. Both of my littles are obsessed with Aristocats and Marie is my daughter’s favorite. Our dance studio gives us a flower option where they will have the flowers ready to go at the recital but I wanted to do something special. This is perfect!! Thank you for the idea and tutorial. Perfection!!!

  3. This is SO cute! I wish I’d seen it before my little cousin’s ballet recital last weekend – she loves little critters too, and this would be absolutely perfect for her! I’ll have to save it for next time, haha

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