Hello Kitty Recital Bouquet

I was so beyond excited about little CeeCee’s first ballet recital that I couldn’t wait to make her a little nosegay.  I wanted to add a little something special and so I turned to the thing she loves the most… her “kitties” … Hello Kitty!


I headed off to Michael’s with a loose plan.  I decided to make one Hello Kitty themed silk flower that could be tucked into a nosegay of real flowers.  That way she could keep the Hello Kitty long after the real flowers wilted.


Supplies I used for Hello Kitty:
2 white silk carnations ($1)
2 black pom poms (eyes)
1 pink pom pom (nose)
black cording (cut into whiskers)
pink ribbon
white foam for ears
hot glue

To wrap up bouquet:
pipe cleaner
pink ribbon
paper doily
small $4 bunch of flowers from Trader Joe’s

To make Hello Kitty:



I originally cut out a foam bow and then later decided a ribbon bow would be cuter.  I also subbed out the yellow nose for pink.  I printed off a copy of Hello Kitty to use as a guide for cutting the ears.

DSC_0306 copy

To assemble the bouquet:
Remove leaves from bottom 3/4 of stems
Arrange flowers in hand
Use pipe cleaner to wire together
Cut stems
Cut hole in center of doily and slide up stem; Tape to secure
Wrap entire stem in pink ribbon and tie with a bow!


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The little angel absolutely loved it!!!!  It was really inexpensive to make and will surely make any little girl’s day!


I absolutely adored every second of her recital and will share all the preciously pink pictures later this week!!!  It was a welcome change from my usual rough and tumble weekends :-)


DIY Tsum Tsum Recital Bouquet

Update: Recital pics here!!


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13 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Recital Bouquet

  1. This is perfect! My daughter LOVES Hello Kitty and has her dance recital next month. I’m definitely making this! Thanks for the awesome idea!

  2. I love this so much! I still have the card from a bouquet my big sister gave me for one of my dance recitals. I remember it well and its so special to me. I just signed my little angel up for “baby ballet” in the fall and I am sooooo excited. She’s only 2 but its never too early to start learning about pointing her toes and working on a proper turn out, right? Can’t wait for pics of CeeCee’s recital!!

  3. I’m going to need to see that recital dress of hers. I think it should come in my size!
    I am really not a Hello Kitty fan…..until now. Oh my goodness. So stealing idea for our Nutcracker in December!!!! Priss danced for the first time (mouse and bon bon) I asked her how she felt being on the back row. She said she didn’t like it, she wanted to be in front. I cried just a little because I knew she had the ballet bug I had…still have and was praying she would!

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