A Fan of Finials 2.0

I picked up new lamp finials for the dining room a few weeks ago and felt compelled to share an addendum to my original A Fan of Finials post earlier this year!

These beauties are simple lucite cylinders and are only $5 a piece at At Home.  Unfortunately you have to go to the store to get them, but if you have one near you there are some cute inexpensive things to be found.

The lamps came with the smallest silver ball finials you had ever laid eye on.  I’ve considered so many options for replacing them over the years, but nothing was ever quite right.  I love how these are so light visually and tie in with the glass risers (from Wisteria) the lamps sit on.

CLICK TO TWEET: Check out the most fabulous lucite lamp finials for under $5 #homedecor @_dixiedelights_ @AtHomeStores http://bit.ly/2qToIYu

You really can’t beat a good $10 decor update, in my opinion!  I hope y’all have a great day!!


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4 thoughts on “A Fan of Finials 2.0

  1. I found some good steals there! We did, however, get sucked into some crazy deals on outdoor goodies last year. While the cushions are still going strong, the umbrella didn’t even make it through the season. I’ll be on the lookout for the finials next trip though!

    1. Oh yikes! The two things I’ve purchased there have been fine, but one was finials and the other an outdoor small garden stool type thing.

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