Hooray for Honey’s Birthday

It’s Honey’s birthday and we were ALL excited to celebrate the man who heads up this crazy bunch!!

He is such a simple guy (and I mean that in a 100% complimentary way!) and doesn’t like a whole lot of fuss about him.  At his request, we headed out in time to make the early bird special at the hibachi restaurant and then came home to devour his favorite sweet treat.

We’ve tried a whole, whole lot of mint chocolate chip ice cream cakes over the years and we all agreed this Grasshopper Pie was the clear winner (from Baskin Robbins)!!

Happiest of birthdays to you, Honey.  We love you!!!!!!!!!!



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4 thoughts on “Hooray for Honey’s Birthday

  1. Can you please tell me the size of your monogram necklace and where you purchased? We will have to try out this grasshopper pie!

  2. Happy Birthday, Honey! :-) May your life continue to be blessed with love, laughter and health. Keep wishing on stars and have a wonderful summer! If I was there, I’d buy you a scotch!

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