Sip Sip Hooray! A Coca-Cola Last Day of School Celebration

We traded our usual last day of school snack for a celebratory breakfast this year!!  Since we have a fifth grader in the house, I let him invite a few friends to join us.  Whit also invited a friend as well.  So, on the last day of school at 6:30AM, I had six hungry boys in the house.  They were full of energy, but also bittersweet as the older boys will be split up to different middle schools next year.

Sip, Sip, Hooray!!!!!!!!!!  The class of 2024 is wrapping up elementary school!  I went with a Coke themed breakfast and had so much fun pulling it all together.  Y’all know how I love Coke.

The custom Coke bottles are from  I ordered them with the boys names, grades and their school name.  They all though they were SO cool!!  The runners are wrapping paper rolls from Party City and Michael’s.  The balloons, plates, napkins and cups are from Party City.  The Coke crate is vintage.

Breakfast was simple, consisting of donuts as well as fruit, biscuits and smoothies brought by the other moms.

I pulled the chalkboard up from the basement and used a banner I found at Party City in the graduation section.

I picked up the glazed donuts at a new bakery near my house and made the Chocolate Coca-Cola baked donuts to go with the theme!  They were yummy and the glaze is out of this world.  They are just like the Coca-Cola Cake, if you’ve ever had that.  I used this recipe and baked them in these pans.  It made 16 for me.

After making quick work of the breakfast fare, the boys headed down to the basement for some billiards and video games.  You know, after filling their gullets with sugar.  I mean, it is the last day of school.

This is such a sweet group of boys and I can’t tell you how bittersweet it is to reflect on how much they’ve accomplished in elementary school yet having to see them split up for middle school.

Whit and his friend hopped on the bus a little earlier than the older boys had to leave to go through carpool.  I decorated Honey’s Jeep with balloons and a sign for their very last day of elementary school :-)

They were all so cute and excited.

And, just like that, they were off…

I wish these kids so much luck on the road ahead.  In three more years they will all meet again in high school.  Something tells me those three years are going to feel like three minutes when it’s all said and done.  Time flies.


Everything School

Donut Pans

Personalized Coke Bottle Party Favors


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21 thoughts on “Sip Sip Hooray! A Coca-Cola Last Day of School Celebration

  1. What a perfect way to kick off the last day! I ADORE the decorated Jeep – so fun!

    1. Thank you!!! I had some crazy other ideas, all of which Honey said NO to. Then I came up with this :-)

  2. I’ve followed you FOREVER, and look forward to your daily posts! One of the things we share is a love of Coke, although mine’s for Diet Coke. I love all things vintage and have noticed a few vintage things popping in to your decor….the Coke crate, the milk bottle from the other day!

  3. what a sweet thing to do for the boys. I just love that pic of them in the jeep. precious. enjoy the summer….before we both prepare to send our oldest off to middle school. Lord help us!

  4. You fed those babies Coke for breakfast? LOVE IT!! I am amazed by your energy and creativity. What a fun way to send them off!

    1. Honestly, I put the bottles out for decoration and didn’t plan on them drinking them :-) Some of them were from last summer and came off of their bookshelves – none of them were even cold. HA! Before I knew what was happening they were being popped open and happily consumed. They thoroughly enjoyed them, however. So yes, I filled them up with Coke and sugar and sent them off to school :-)

  5. What a fun setup to celebrate the last day of these boys’ 5th grade ending!! Love the decorated jeep!!
    Yes, bittersweet that each will go to different middle schools, but I bet these boys have true friendships and will continue to get together frequently throughout their middle school years. The three-year separation of schools will go quickly; they will each make some new friends, but friendships will remain until they are together again in high school.
    Thanks for sharing in your family traditions.

    1. You are so right – they will reunite in high school! And it will go too quickly as well. xo

  6. You have the BEST ideas! I am filing away for when my boys end elementary. As always, thanks for your fun mom inspiration!
    Happy Summer!


  7. What a cute idea. These boys are so lucky to have both of you as their parents. Wishing all of these boys a bright and happy future.

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