9 Tips for Easy Patriotic Decor

I mentioned yesterday how much I love patriotic decor.  I don’t go all out like I do for Christmas and Halloween, but I especially like to decorate the exterior and our porch.  Here are a few tips for adding easy and inexpensive patriotic decor to your home…

Focus on 1-2 Spaces

Rather than spreading your decor, and yourself, too thin, focus your efforts on just one or two key spaces.  The items you do have will make a much bigger impact in a smaller space.  I love to do my exterior and my porch.

Fly the Flag

Nothing say America like the stars and stripes!  Flying our flag is the easiest and most patriotic way to celebrate being American.

Small Flags Go a Long Way

Make use of inexpensive craft store flags for a big impact.  I picked mine up at Michael’s and Target and use them year after year!  There isn’t a pot in my yard or flower arrangement in my home this time of year where I haven’t popped in a flag.

Shop Your Home

Rather than buying new things, shop your home for red, white and blue decor!  You might have a few red things tucked away that you generally use at Christmas.  Or a stack of napkins and striped straws that you can add to your kitchen counter.  I was doing just this last year when I remembered I had a vintage Coke crate out in the garage.  Not only does it go wonderfully with my other patriotic decor, but what is more American, and Southern, than Coke?!

Use Multi Purpose Pieces

Rather than collecting specific items for each holiday, I love to use my Happy Everything plate!  I have a set of attachments that I swap out seasonally.  Not only is it much easier to store, but it’s much cheaper than having 10 different seasonal plates.  Another fabulous and similar option is Nora Fleming.

Recover Your Pillows

Make or buy additional pillow covers for your everyday pillows!  I slip the red covers right on top on my sofa and chair throw pillows for a quick seasonal update that takes almost no space to store.

Swap Out Your Art

Along the same lines, I take down my everyday oyster painting over the fireplace and hang a DIY canvas each year.  I store it in my closet wall during the off season.  I made it at the exact size of the painting I usually have there so it literally takes two seconds to swap them out.  Sweet Land of Liberty DIY Canvas + Printable File

Don’t Overlook the Grocery Store

This is one of my favorites for every holiday… pay attention as you grocery shop.  There are almost always cute seasonal treats that can double as decor during any season.  My favorite for July 4th are patriotic Cokes and Cracker Jacks.  It goes without saying that this sort of thing is my boys’ favorite way for me to decorate :-)

Use a Bunting

There are SO many bunting choices out there – from plain ones at Michael’s to patterned ones at Target.  I picked this red and white striped one up in the Dollar Spot and use it for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and July 4th.  I added blue stars with removable double stick tape to dress it up.  Buntings are so cute over windows, on chalkboards, and on mantles.  They are inexpensive and easy to store as well.

I hope this has been helpful in thinking about how to add patriotic decor to your home!  The same tips can apply to any holiday, for that matter.

Happy Friday!


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PS. Mother has relisted 10 each of her patriotic tassel bracelets.  That is all she has beads to make :-)  DIXIE DELIGHT SHOP


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11 thoughts on “9 Tips for Easy Patriotic Decor

  1. My patriotic loving heart is beating faster! Your patriotic touches are just perfect. Love your wonderful porch space! I put my patriotic things out on the sunporch and also have a tray in the kitchen sitting room and on the dining room buffet. Would love to find some of the cokes. Is that this year? Where did you find them? Please send me a message. I need these! ‘-)
    Thanks and happy summer!

    1. Hey Amanda! First, I ordered and love the patriotic tassel bracelets! I went back and ordered some with tassels and elephants! I really love the patriotic cokes you have pictured. Where did you get them? I would love some!! Also, I used your link to order some personalized cokes for Fathers Day. I really enjoy reading your blog!!!

      1. The Cokes were from the World of Coke! They have all sorts of holiday ones. Check on the Share a Coke site as sometimes they have holiday designs as well.

    2. Thank you! The Cokes were from World of Coke last year. They always have holiday and special designs. Check Share a Coke. com or coca-cola.com as they sometimes have special bottles.

  2. I adore your patriotic decor each year; I, too make use of flags every possible place i can. I’m looking forward to adding the big buntings on my porches next year. xo

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