The Perfect Summer Sipper – Chick-fil-A Watermelon Mint Lemonade

When Mother was in town a few weeks ago we were out running a gazillion errands in the feels-like-summer heat and she said we’ve GOT to stop in Chick-fil-A for their new signature drink as we drove past.  I hadn’t even heard about it but zipped right in to the drive through because it sounded luscious.  I realized today when I swung through for one that I’ve been sitting on this little secret for weeks now :-)

I don’t frequent Starbucks or really any drive through because I usually leave home with my own bottle or cup but sometimes you just need a little pick me up, ya know?!  Well, this drink has won me over like none I’ve ever tried.  It’s so yummy!!

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The bad news is that this is here just for the summer.  As for the good news – it comes in two sizes and can be made with lemonade, diet lemonade, tea or diet tea as the base.  I’ve tried three of the four and all are tasty. Oh, also in my “good news” column is that my kids don’t love it so I’m not having to fight them for it OR buy them their own.  :-) It’s strictly a mommy drink.

Let me know if you’ve tried it… or if you have a wonderfully refreshing beverage that I need to try!  Happy summer sipping.



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20 thoughts on “The Perfect Summer Sipper – Chick-fil-A Watermelon Mint Lemonade

  1. I went to CFA the other day to get a frozen lemonade and happened upon this drink. I left with the watermelon mint lemonade instead. It is good and very refreshing!

    1. I haven’t tried the frozen lemonade but Sister loves it! I can’t imagine I’ll be able to tear myself away from the watermelon mint to try it for a while though. HA!

  2. Yes, we are addicted. I made the recipe Paige had on her blog. For us, we found that making it as is (we doubled it) tasted more like watermelon and mint. It didn’t have a whole lot of lemon. So, we made another pitcher of strictly lemonade. We would then pour about 1/4 of the watermelon mixture to 3/4 lemonade. You can play with the ratio to your liking. The mint simple syrup would be yummy alone in either lemonade or iced tea.

  3. I love it so much! And yes, my kids don’t care for it either so that’s a bonus! I keep saying I’m going to splash a little vodka in there sometime after 5.
    This is our favorite summer drink “Fizzy Lemonade”:
    2 liter of Diet Sprite
    1 can of frozen lemonade concentrate- thawed
    Mix and enjoy!

  4. Coincidentally, I just tried this for the first time when I took Drew to CFA with a friend after going to skyzone on Saturday! I loved it, especially with the hint of mint.

    I was thinking of trying to make my own version and adding some frozen watermelon chunks to it …. or making it into a granita in the freezer!!

    Wouldn’t that be divine?

    1. I’m definitely looking for this! I go to Fresh Market on Tuesdays for $2.99 chicken. :-)

  5. Yes loved it. My friend told me about it. Going to try to make as the large just isn’t large enough

  6. Yes, I treated myself to the watermelon mint lemonade the other day and found it to be so refreshing! True confession: even though I am not a fan of peach ice cream, I am crazy about Chick-Fil-A’s peach shake (also a summer only beverage). What a quandary; I may become a two fisted drinker!

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