Congrats Grad

Our cute neighbor graduated from high school last month and we decided to prepare him for college with various junk food gift cards. HA!  In all honesty, my dad gives Honey a Taco Bell gift card every Christmas and it is one of his favorite gifts.  So, when we started discussing cash vs gift card vs something else, Honey really liked this idea.  After pouring through the gift card station unable to agree, the boys ended up each picking the one that they thought Tucker would like best.  Donuts and pizza were the winners.  :-)  I just used  a bit of baker’s twine to tie the gift cards to this personalized Coke bottle from

Tucker moved to Atlanta from Los Angeles a couple of years ago and it was a big transition.  He has now fully embraced the South and will be attending college at Alabama!  I thought he needed a little piece of Georgia to carry with him.  <3  We are SO proud of him and my boys utterly adore him.

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